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where does the best weed come from

Washington State is home to numerous pioneers in the world of cannabis, including Northwest Cannabis Solutions, BMF Washington, Harmony Farms, Grow Op Farms, Spinning Heads, and so many others. The overall quality of weed in Washington is said to be quite phenomenal, but it is almost all indoor grown, making certain strain types more prevalent than others if they are locally raised.

Ranking in as the second cheapest producer of marijuana in the country, Washington State is a location to visit if you want to come across some inexpensive ganja. Just below Colorado regarding international fame, Washington ranks in second, because the world seems to be so curious about this gorgeous state that legalized cannabis in 2012 – the first region to do so in the United States. The surrounding states soon followed suit, as WA became the spark that fueled the fire for the entire West Coast, which is now all legalized.

Oregon (OR):

This is why Coloradians are so satisfied with their homegrown product – it hits the spot! Plus, edibles, concentrates, and CBD oil, are all just as easily accessible. In Denver and Boulder especially, there is an endless amount of both recreational marijuana shops and medical marijuana dispensaries to choose from. On top of all this, Colorado is said to have the third cheapest cannabis in the United States, which is a huge added bonus.

In addition to a generally positive attitude towards pot, Colorado is also home to a lot of popular and even famous seed banks and marijuana genetics breeders. Some names you may have heard of include The Farm (based out of Boulder), Colorado Seed Inc. (also based out of Boulder), The Bank Cannabis Genetics (based out of Denver), and 303 Seeds and Green Point Seeds (also based out of Denver). With so many seed banks and cutting-edge breeders, you can bet that the quality of the cannabis grown out of CO is really something special.

Even though it is challenging to make sense of who stands above the rest in regards to marijuana cultivation, in this article we will try to make sense of all the candidates and ultimately select a winner. You, of course, do not have to agree with us, but based off our carefully collected research, personal experience, and in depth analysis, you will be able to learn who we consider to be the best.

As cannabis legalization continues to stretch out into every corner of the globe, each nation is competing to produce the best flower out there — but who really has the highest quality buds?

In recent years, the Netherlands has continued to hold its spot towards the top of the cannabis chain by producing unique takes on popular strains like Amnesia Haze and Hulkberry. They also host the annual Cannabis Cup that draws thousands of competitors and onlookers each year from all over the world. Combined with a welcoming environment, you’re guaranteed to find some good green in the Netherlands.

As more and more countries throw their hat into the cannabis ring, each one is fighting for that coveted top spot.

Heralded as one of the very first nations to cultivate the cannabis that we know and love today, Afghanistan has been producing some of the most fire flower out there for centuries. Despite the fact that weed was made illegal in 1957, cannabis is a way of life for many citizens and the use of the plant is deeply rooted in the nation’s history.

Needless to say, weed aficionados from across the globe make the trek to the US to sample some of the best ganja the world has to offer.

Whether growers opt for a precise indoor grow operation or let nature take control outdoors, weed has become an intricate science in the United States. In fact, the US has perfected and created popular strains like Blue Dream , Green Crack , and the iconic Gelato strain grown by the founder of Sherbinskis in his garage — kind of like Apple founder Steve Jobs. Much like Apple, producers stateside can now charge a pretty penny for their elite products with eighths costing upwards of $60 and buds testing at over 30% THC.

There is change in the air these days. Well, maybe it’s not just change, but change that is taking the form of some pleasant smelling and distinct smoke. That’s right, throughout the United States, where carrying a small amount of pot could once get someone tossed in prison for decades, states are slowly allowing their citizens the herbal medicine (or pleasure) they want.

The Netherlands is famous for having been one of the first places in the world to have a tourist industry partly based around marijuana consumption. I say partly because the red light district also had a hand in the tourism boom. Of course, the authorities in the country, especially around Amsterdam, have recently scaled back some of the measures as locals became fed up with foreign youngsters wandering their streets completely blasted.

10 Colombia

Whether you are a daily consumer who likes to get high early and have it last all day, or you are the type who smokes before bed time, or even the “every now and again” type, it’s a good time to be alive. Of course, this doesn’t apply to those who smoke because running from the cops is exciting (they exist). Even still though, times will be even better when the debate over pot is a thing of the past and governments have moved on to more pressing problems, like their own spending and their bureaucrats watching adult movies all day, every day. But that’s a story for another day. Back to marijuana, one of the most popular debates between stoners is where they can find the best green. I’ve always been a believer that when talking about pot, beer or women, the best one is the one currently nearby and cheap, but this is not the method of thinking for everyone. There are some strains of bud that produce a better high than others and the issue of smell, and how long the buzz lasts, are also criteria for what makes the best pot. Here is our list of countries who just get it right when it comes to marijuana.

Talk about persistence, Afghanistan got looted and pillaged by the Soviets decades ago, and even after the lengthy conflict between the Taliban and the United States and their allies, they still grow some of the best Mary Jane in the world and an obscene amount of it. In recent years production has been reduced, partly due to a declining demand, but also because of officials in some provinces cracking down on the drug.

The herb grows naturally in many parts of the country and has been enjoyed by locals for millenia. Of course, back in the days of the Soviet Union, pot consumption was made illegal. There are still some draconian laws in place, but mainly for distribution, as opposed to use. Whether it is the wild plant or a variant that has been modified, marijuana produced in the southeast is widely considered to be of the finest quality in the world, combining a great, peaceful high with great flavor. Some of the world’s best hash comes from the region and many popular cross-bred species of marijuana include Kazakh roots.