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WeedTech.AI is Metrc Compliant! As of April 30, 2021, all reporting will be done via Metrc. We’ve integrated with them so you can save yourself the time and hassle of using complex software.

Print and scan QR codes to easily track things like product stages, transfers, weights, and just about anything else you can dream up using our Trackable system. Your view into your business will never be the same.


No hidden fees or strings attached. Simply clear pricing and easy to use software. The most powerful Seed-To-Sale software is now the most affordable!

We weren't going to pay some out-of-state company a fortune, so we developed our own system. Now, we're grinding as hard as we can to bring it to everyone in Oklahoma for far less than anyone else. We don't want to be taken advantage of by software developers trying to make a quick buck off our industry, and we'd like to give every Okie out here that same chance."

Our powerful and flexible platform supports the creation of unlimited Products, Locations to put them, Batches for tracking them, Samples for reporting them, and Collections for editing them.

Cannabis can be manufactured/produced into a number of final products ranging from oil to an edible product. As such, you’ll need to monitor appropriate conversion rates and calculations to ensure you’re not losing out on any valuable product.

Metrc itself operates as a regulatory cannabis inventory accounting software used by the Marijuana Enforcement Division, which is an arm of the Colorado Department of Revenue to manage the enforcement of marijuana laws. It’s expanded to be a solution available for anyone in need of monitoring cannabis production from seed to sale.

Ensure Compliance With Laws and Safety Measures

Metrc showing outgoing transfers.

Mid-sized operations: As your client base grows and your employee count starts to rise, you’ll need to consider having a solution that is scalable. Companies of this size need to determine where they land in the seed to sale process: Are they primarily a cultivator? Do they handle processing and manufacturing? Are they a dispensary dealing with point-of-sale issues? Even if your company is a combination, focusing on your more successful areas and ensuring the primary cannabis ERP solution you use can handle your

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Everything is going great with Canix!! I can’t thank you enough for such an AMAZING APP that has made Metrc smooth and easier to manage!! Many of our cannabis friends always ask about Metrc and I can’t stop talking about how much Canix has helped! If anything arises or thoughts to help I will definitely reach out, THANK YOU AGAIN!

Canix'sallows you to integrate your favorite tools.

Canix’s task management module assists with workforce planning and organization. Create tasks, assign them to different employees, and track labor across your production process.

Managing 1,000 cannabis facilities
around the globe

A lot of our employees were separated in google sheets in their own decentralized platforms. With Canix, we’ve been able to bring the activities together from our Nurseries, Harvest Rooms, to Distribution. Being able to work directly with the leadership at Canix and have them come to our facility has been huge for us. We haven’t been able to get this level of customer service anywhere else

Weekly new feature webinars with product experts

Self-serve video and written content available at your fingertips

Utilize Canix’s cultivation forecasting to understand your expected harvest yields across different strains, harvest timing, and flowering times for your inventory