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weed seeds in karachi

Fawad Chaudhry, minister for science and technology, tweeted on this and said the following:

The Control of Narcotic Substances Act declares that it is ILLEGAL to sell or buy cannabis in Pakistan.

Not everyone in the nation shares this opinion. Other Islamic sects see the Sufi belief as sinful, which has made the spiritual group a target. In the past, the Taliban militants and extremists, such as the Islamic State group, attacked Sufi shrines.

Cannabis In The Culture Of Pakistan

The Pakistan government allows the cultivation of “narcotic plants” for “medical, scientific or industrial purposes.” It is only lawful when the federal government or provincial government, with the federal government’s authorization, issues a license.

In fact, people grow marijuana widely across the land. Pakistan is one of the world’s biggest cannabis producers. Also, the plant breeds wild in many areas of Pakistan.

In Karachi, the religious hash-smoking customs at Abdullah Shah Ghazi Mausoleum date back to the year 773. The fragrance of marijuana often permeates the air near the mausoleum.

Pakistani cannabis producers claim that keeping the garda in the skin for a longer time enhances the final product’s quality.


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This marijuana strain presents an Indica structure, well-developed branches with short internodal distance and a strong resistance to fungal diseases and rain, it’s a plant suitable for growing outdoors in harsh conditions, such as dryness, cold , humidity and heat.

We can find two phenotypes: a red-violet one and a green one.
The green phenotype will be more powerful and resinous, while the purple phenotype is noted for its strong scent of wild berries, and a melting pot of colours from dark purple to pink passing through burgundy on the mid-flowering.

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Believe us — buying marijuana seeds according to your regional environment will save a massive headache down the line. By scrolling a seed bank’s offering, you’ll find fast-flowering seed strains with ease.

If you live in Pakistan and want to grow your own cannabis, there’s nothing more responsible than learning about the laws governing cannabis in the country.

Buy Cannabis Seeds for Your Regional Climate in Pakistan

The legality of ungerminated cannabis seeds from seed banks in Pakistan is a bit of a gray area.

The White Widow seed strain is excellent for beginners and professionals alike, and with a fast flowering time — you’ll enjoy a huge harvest in no time. Furthermore, the White Widow seed strain pumps out layers of resin, which is perfect for hand-rolling charas!

The farmers here have honed their cultivation process to produce excellent marijuana for hash. Cannabis plants in this ideal growing climate often reach heights up to 15 feet.