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weed seeds for sale europe

Where can you buy cannabis seeds? In any specific retail shops and even online on! Marijuana seeds are legal in the U.K. and almost all of Europe (except Germany). Therefore, there is no risk in buying seeds on the Internet, of course, if the shop is genuine and offers seeds produced by an authorized seed bank.

Well, we strongly advise you not to do so because you can arouse suspicion at the airport. Why on earth bring seeds from Amsterdam if you can buy them and have them delivered to your home in the U.K.?

Are marijuana seeds legal? In some countries they are, but with special regulations.

In Spain, it is possible to sell and buy marijuana seeds.

Although hemp seeds are not a drug, if germinated, they lead to the growth of a plant that could produce THC-rich and therefore illegal flowers in the country.

Growing hemp seeds, and other cannabis-related actions – such as smoking it – are considered crimes. As a result, they result in imprisonment and fines.

We offer a wide selection of the best cannabis seed banks worldwide. Canna Seed sells original seeds only.

The Blackskull Seedbank has created a unique range of very nice and easy hempstrains, automatic and normal seeds. This enterprise offers strains like Diesel Matic, Jackmatic, Jack Herer, Bubble Bud, Critical Ryder, Pepperjack Haze or Five-O – booth cannabis seeds offer the highest quality possible nowadays. Blackskull seeds are not expensive, they are all top and high quality products with an amazingly low price.

A.C.E. Seeds is a group of breeders and cannabis lovers dedicated to the preservation and study of this wonderful plant. ACE Seeds offers you fresh and new genetics selected from the best of their extensive library of Sativa strains, collected from all around the world and preserved in their collection.

The breeders of 00 Seeds are specialists in fine feminized and autoflowering Indica genetics. 00 Seeds Bank is located in Spain and offers a wide range of in-expensive, high quality feminized seeds using selected traditional marijuana genetics. These affordable seeds are available in packs of 5 seeds and special mixed seed packs of 6

Derry, the owner of Barney’s Farm set about collecting seeds from landrace marijuana genetics whilst travelling around Asia and the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam and China in the early 1980s. He based himself high in the Himalayas for three years and along with other talented and similar minded breeders he began the cultivation and cross-breeding of these strains. In 1992 Derry returned to Amsterdam and with him Barney’s Farm quickly became the research lab for many high quality cannabis strains. Today Barney’s Farm is a recognised world leader in the production of top quality cannabis seeds and continues to search for and collect indigenous genetics from far places.

Aside from this, they are also known to provide excellent and professional treatment to the average European grower. They are also investing on the development and education of their own varieties, including genetics that implement their selection such as Bruce Banner and Gorilla Vip.

Positively rated and well-loved by most of its customers, Seed City is quickly becoming the highest-rated cannabis seed bank on trusted review sites. They don’t only offer a wide selection of seeds (over 5000 types of marijuana seeds available for sale) but also provide competitive prices and quality customer service.

This seed bank offers only their own seeds. Cannabis seeds from MSNL Seed Bank are all rated for good germination and healthy growth. So it was no coincidence that they received such widespread recognition.

Choosing cannabis seed banks

In terms of shipping, the standard time is 3-5 days for deliveries within UK and varied delivery periods for areas outside Europe. The company provides stealth conveyances for the USA and EU nations only. However, they would send seeds as typical delivery everywhere throughout the world. For payment options, you can pay with a credit and debit card, bank transfer, cash, UK postal order, Bitcoin, and UK check. Check them out here:

The only disadvantage is Attitude’s lack of germination guarantee. You can visit them here:

One of the highest-selling seed banks in 2021, Sensi Seeds has been in the industry for over 30 years. This family-owned seed bank offers a variety of seeds that started from a collection from a genetics library and with careful research and growing evolved to include the finest genetics from all over the world. Sensi also successfully developed two new strains – Shiva Shanti and Shiva Shanti II.

Founded by Robert Bergman in 2012, ILGM or I Love Growing Marijuana has become very popular in the succeeding years that is considered now as one of the best seed banks. A suitable seed bank for US and European markets, ILGM offers a wide range of marijuana seeds catering to beginners and experienced growers alike. They also provide the nutrients that will help the consumers grow them, growing kits, auto-flowering varieties, and even medical marijuana.