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weed seed spreader

Loveland Weed and Feed is available in 10,000 sq/ft, and 15,000 sq/ft bags to help you get full coverage.

Apply with a broadcast spreader over a wet or damp lawn when no rain or mowing is expected for 48 hours.


Spreader settings shown here are approximate for new equipment. Your spreader may need calibration, due to differences in terrain, walking speed, an equipment condition. Calibrate your spreader before use to ensure the correct application rate. Can’t find your spreader on the bag? Call 1-800-922-4100

Professional strength herbicide will control most common broadleaf weeds. Slow release nitrogen and potash contained in Weed and Feed help grass plants to fill in bare spots left behind. Granular Weed and Feed works best on larger leaf weeds. Larger pellet size for better particle distribution. The bigger the weed leaf, the easier the target. 40# NPK 12-0-4

Minimum 30 days between applications. Retreatment may be needed if heavily overrun with weeds.

Can’t think of one!

There are basically four types of fertiliser and seed spreader that you would use around the home, lawn or garden. We list three of them below; the fourth are the hand held spreaders which Lawnsmith do not rate at all.

Rotary or Broadcast Spreaders – Rating 7/10

You can but rotary or broadcast spreaders fling the fertiliser out which can, if not controlled carefully go on to none target plants. If you are therefore using a combined ‘weed and feed’ product the weed killer element could kill your border plants.

Yes you can but because of the elongated shape of grass seed it does not ‘flow’ consistently through rotary or broadcast spreaders. This means that though a spreader is an excellent method for spreading seed, settings are unreliable which is why we suggest a one third open setting to start and applying in several lots starting from a different side of the lawn each time to ensure consistent even coverage.

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In addition, some fertiliser contains Ferrous Sulphate which can stain hard surfaces so once again the same issue arises.

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