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Eating too much sugar will just lead to more sugar cravings. This is a familiar addictive cycle that you would probably like to avoid. Instead, you can control these cravings and rebuild your health by eating regular meals that are rich in protein and nutrients.

It may be tempting to take these broad categories and try to fit junk food into them, but nutrient-dense foods are always the better option.

Why Diet Matters During and After a Drug Detox

Substance abuse can take a significant toll on your body and often leads to poor nutrition. Making sure that you’re taking care of yourself and setting your body up for success is crucial. Drug detox isn’t solely about quitting the use of a substance. It’s also about replacing the bad with the good. To this end, it is important that you plan healthy dietary choices as you start your drug-free life.

Substance abuse often enables poor dieting choices like late-night eating, skipping meals and unhealthy food choices. Many drugs, when abused, may also prevent your body from receiving the proper nutrients it needs from foods. Abusing drugs can reduce your daily nutrition intake, making detox and a proper diet even more vital to your full recovery.

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Have you ever detoxed before? We urge to put aside any detox experience you have ever had. Smart Cleanse does things the right way. No dehydration, no extreme juicing, no hardcore liver cleansing, no medicines, no harmful chemicals. We have devised the most successful 14 day detox using natural and organic ingredients.

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Our 14 day detox plan features 3 easy to follow steps – no cramming in intensive detoxing. You can continue about your day-to-day routine during the Smart Cleanse detox without any disruptions using our Weed, Seed and Feed approach:

Step 1 – Weed

Balance stress hormones, feel calmer, and support healthy energy production.

With a scientifically proven, gut focused cleansing system of weed, seed, and feed.

Support healthy gastrointestinal microbiota and support digestion and immunity.

Every day we are exposed to a vast number of toxic substances that we may not even be aware of – in the foods we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the environment we surround ourselves in.

To stay truly well, it is vital to help your body clear these toxins. The beneficial nutrients in whole natural foods, and in naturally derived remedies in our detox program, combine to support your body during the detoxification and repair processes.

Integrated Detox

This digestive repair program is a cleansing, healing program which allows your body’s detoxification and repair systems to recover and function efficiently.
This program is designed to rebalance disturbed intestinal bacteria, restore poor digestion, prevent allergic exposure, and repair the ‘leaky gut’. These factors can all contribute to the entry of toxins from the gut into the body, causing systemic inflammation. This dysfunction of the intestinal wall, and the consequent toxic invasion, is associated with many chronic diseases.

The following protocol can be summarized as a ‘weed, seed, feed’ process: