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These guys found and used cannabis way before everyone else. In India, many of the text mentions the word ‘Bhang’ which means Cannabis in English.

Lets us tell you a secret!

History of Marijuana in India

After this act, many of the states also started making their laws about the consumption and sale of Bhang. Some banned it completely, and some of the states allowed only government shops to sell it.

But wait, let’s talk about the history that is not thousands of years old but more recent. Portuguese botanist, when he visited India around 1510 or after, wrote about how Indian people use marijuana in their daily lives.

One should always be aware of the laws and punishments of the local place before getting into these things.

It is cited in sacred Hindu scrolls as a sacred plant and that a guardian angel lived among its leaves. In Hinduism, Shiva is a God that is often associated with marijuana and the production of the bhang drink.

For centuries, the Indian civilization has developed a very strong social and artistic connection to cannabis seeds and plant leaves.

Hash Plant Feminized Seed Strain

Cannabis in India has been called a variety of names over the thousands of years that India’s natives have been partaking in the natural herb. Some of these names include weed, marijuana, bhang, charas (resin), and ganja (flower), and are all a major part of the Hindu religion.

However, the cannabis laws in India do not reflect the long-standing acceptance of cannabis. Here’s a summary of the legality of cannabis in India regarding buying marijuana seeds from local or online seed banks.

The Congress MP, Shashi Tharoor, Bhartiya Janata Party MP Maneka Gandhi, and Biju Janata Dal MP Tathagata Satpathy have shown their support for legalization and education in regard to regulated medical cannabis use.

Like any other good Indicas, Charis cannabis seeds grow quickly and develop dense buds with a THC content of 17% to 19%. It gives a considerably happy high. A great plant for making food with or hash. Easy to clone and grows perfect under lights in your grow room.

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Charas Marijuana seeds are often called the “Finger Hash” and descended from the Parvati Valley in Northern India.

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The pot is also popular for its powerful effects when smoked – described as a feeling of extraterrestrial pleasure.

Charas Marijuana seed is an Indica marijuana for growing indoors but is also good grown outside in warmer climates than Northern Europe.