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tortoise weed seeds

We have selected our tortoises' 10 favourite foods for you to grow from seed. Our wild flower seeds should enable you to become self sufficient in healthy tortoise food all year round.

If you want them to grow in your outside tortoise enclosure, it's best to sow the seeds in pots or seed trays first and then transplant them. It's preferable to get then established in the spring before it's warm enough for your tortoise to go outside.

All are best grown outside in the garden, some can be grown in large pots, others do not do well in tubs or like to be transplanted. Please read the details to see if they will be suitable for you.

Ribwort Plantain, Chickweed, Common Mallow, Nipplewort, Cornflower

Each packet has quality seeds sourced in the U.K. and costs £2.75p including postage

Have some fun in your garden! Here is our interesting selection of mixes.

Flowers: April, May, June, July, August, September

Colour: Mixed

When to Sow

Soil Acidity: Alkaline, Neutral, Acid

I tend to grow three to four trays, so I can change them out before the little girls eat the greens down to the ground . . . this way they can grow and refresh themselves between changes. .

Grew a few assorted grass trays for my baby tortoise, and then saw this offfering. Purchased a small bag, sprinkled in on of my soil trays, and three days later the seeds were already sprouting. My grass seeds usually take at least a week. Highly recommend these seeds, very viable.

A nutritious blend of high calcium and vitamin rich edible plants for tortoises & land turtles. Highly recommended for all tortoise and land turtle species.

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Donald Sexton – November 12, 2017

Contains the following: Italian Dandelion , Ladino Clover, Red Clover, Chicory, Alfalfa

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