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top seed companies in canada

Personally, I want seeds, plants, and bulbs that do well in my zone, are not invasive, and benefit local wildlife.

Also, in case it is important to you, do not assume because they are listed here that their products are Canadian-grown. Check with the sources to get your questions answered.

Listings are alphabetical by province and company.


While I would like to list everything these individuals and companies sell, it is nearly impossible to keep on top of the changes, so please go directly to their sites for info.

Mainly, it’s a way to help Canadian gardeners discover local resources.

This directory features Canadian seed sellers and online nurseries for seeds, plants, and bulbs. The listings are sorted by province so you can find sources in your region.

While this started primarily as a seed company directory, there are also sources listed that sell plants and bulbs.

Getting started with growing your own cannabis begins with finding the best Canadian seed bank. That can prove difficult, as there ’ s a vast and growing market of seed banks across the country that vary in quality. To help you out, we did the research to identify some of the best Canadian seed banks out there.

A: Seed banks are definitely legit—you just need to know which ones to use and be aware of scams. All of the online seed banks we recommend in this article are legit.

The 5 Best Canadian Seed Banks that Ship to Canada

The Rocket Seeds site is user-friendly and easy to navigate. They lay out their extensive range in an organized way, which makes it easier to wade through the amazing assortment of choices. Sort to find what you need by strain type, growth characteristic, or based on other factors.

Rocket Seeds is a site that carries seeds from multiple different brands—including Crop King Seeds—so it offers a much bigger variety than most other seed banks. Rocket Seeds promises fair prices and top quality products with a wide range to offer.

As the seasons change in autumn the light in the sky drops to around 12 hours a day. This is when most varieties of cannabis start to flower, and why even the indoors light cycle looks like it does.

Semences du Portage is a Canadian seed company focused on offering naturally-grown and organic seeds. Semences du Portage is located in Montreal, Québec, where it is operated by a small staff.

Wildrose Heritage Seed Company is a Canadian seed company specializing in heirloom vegetables, herbs, and flower seeds. Their seeds are untreated, GMO-free, and packaged in reusable bags to encourage seed saving. Wildrose Heritage Seed Company is located in Lethbridge, Alberta, and has signed the Safe Seed Pledge.

Prairie Garden Seeds is located in Humboldt, Saskatchewan (east of Saskatoon), and is operated by Rachelle Ternier, along with her father Jim Ternier.

Wildrose Heritage Seed Company

Lindenberg Seeds is a small seed company known for its truly incredible catalogue of different seeds and for their live perennial plants available by mail order. The company has been in operation since 1935! Lindenberg Seeds is located in Brandon, Manitoba, and is operated by the Lindenberg family.

Les Urbainculteurs is an urban gardening organization and seed seller specializing in urban agriculture. They offer mainly edible gardening crops and small-space food crops for city spaces. Les Urbainculteurs is located in Québec City, Québec.

Blazing Star Wildflower Seed Company is a Canadian seed company specializing in flowering plant seeds native to Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba. Blazing Star Wildflower Seed Company is located in Aberdeen, Saskatoon, and is operated by Lisa Grilz and Renny Grilz.

Emma Biggs is a young gardening speaker and author who offers specialty tomato seeds for sale on her website. She offers many rare and unusual gourmet varieties, much to the delight of heirloom tomato enthusiasts! She sells many of the best-tasting tomato variety seeds. Emma ships her tomato seeds from Ontario.