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You want to buy The Black seeds? Get yourself informed about the effects of the The Black strain. The Black is known for the following effects:

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The Black is a feminized cannabis strain that comes from the West Coast of North America. This aptly named plant has leaves that turn nearly black during flowering. This is a very strong plant that results in a powerful body high – it’s great for relaxation, sleep, and a host of medical issues.

The Black has a somewhat complex flavor and aroma profile. Initially, the aromas are mostly earthy, but when ground up, a spicier scent is released. The taste can likewise also change over a short period of time. At first, most users taste hints of pepper and spice, but this is often followed by fruitier notes of grapes and berries.

The Black: A Heavy-Hitting High For The Evenings

This feminized marijuana strain is most famous for its impressive and somewhat ominous looks. It initially starts out with purple leaves, but these turn to black during the flowering period, which gives the plant its name. Its black leaves are also a convenient sign that it’s ready to be harvested.

The Black is a feminized cannabis variety that’s 90% Indica, and it has many of the effects one would expect from an Indica strain. The high is almost instantaneous and leads to a full-body buzz and deep relaxation. With THC levels in the high teens, it’s definitely a strain best left for the evenings and weekends. Thanks to its physical nature, it’s especially popular for treating pain relief and insomnia.

If you’re trying to figure out how this feminized cannabis strain achieved its famously unique physical characteristics, you may be disappointed. The genetics of The Black are a mystery – all we know for certain is that it was originally grown in the 1980s in California and on Vancouver Island in Canada. Whatever went into making The Black a reality, it must have worked, since the strain was eventually named a Top 10 Strain of the Year in 2008 by High Times.

Premium genetics for a cheap price, The Black Strain will not disappoint!

The Black cannabis strain is an Indica dominant plant coming in at about 90% Indica, and 10% Sativa, with THC in the 20%-25% concentration range.


Once you find the dose that is effective for your conditions you are golden. The medicinal effects of The Black strain are extraordinary.

Great strain for insomnia, pain management, stress relief, migraines/headaches, nausea, and lack of appetite. The Black is a potent cannabis strain and caution is in order if you find large does of THC producing any unwanted effects, such as anxiety.

If you like purple cannabis plants then The Black Cannabis Strain is for you! This strain can turn so purple they look jet black!