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thai stick weed seeds

Thai Stick is a sativa variety from ACE Seeds and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±119 days ) and outdoors . ACE Seeds’ Thai Stick is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

GENETICS: 100 % sativa from thai growers who traditionally produce the much loved Thai Sticks. LANDRACE STRAIN
FLOWERING: 16-18 weeks. December.
STRUCTURE: Tall and slender sativa. Typical appearance of Asian tropical sativa. Thin and flexible stems that can cope with the worst downpours and blizzards.
YIELD / M2: Medium.
BOUQUET: Spicy, woody, lemony aromas.
HIGH: Clean, euphoric and active.

Basic / Breeders Info

Thai Stick was one of the most famous thai sativas imported into North America during the 70s and the 80s. These imported powerful and appreciated sativa flowers came from Thailand compactly packed in small stems of cannabis. Such was the potency of those Thai Sticks that smokers believed that they were bathed in hashish or opium. We exclusively offer you this much loved sativa that has been practically extinct in the usual cannabis-growers environment over the last decades. The seeds come directly from thai growers.

GROWING TIPS: For indoor growing, we mostly recommend her for extreme sativa lovers or for breeding projects or seed production.

For outdoor growing, it requires a tropical or subtropical climate in order to reach its full potential. However, it can be easily bred within latitudes of 20º-35º, where we recommend a warm and coastal climate. The use of a greenhouse is very helpful for the ripening in non-tropical latitudes.

With Thai Sticks, flavour is the key ingredient. You’ll want to pick great tasting strains, as the long curing process will bring out every nuance of flavour. If you want a strain that will relax you in the most delicious way possible, check out Fruit Spirit. This strain comes from White Widow and Blueberry genetics, is a balanced 60% sativa hybrid, and combines a sweet, berry flavour with a heady but relaxing high. An excellent strain to figure out what Thai Sticks are all about.

Looking to bring a new level of craftsmanship and originality to your weed smoking? Consider exploring Thai Sticks—a method which uses four different cannabis plant products to create blunts of unprecedented power and beauty. We’ll delve into the complex history of Thai Sticks, and offer detailed instructions on how to make them at home.

Fruit Spirit

5. After at least 2–3 days, remove the Thai Stick and carefully unwrap the hemp string. Note: you want the buds to remain on the stick, not to come off with the string. Once this is done, coat the tube of bud with more hemp oil, and wrap a fan leaf around it. Apply more hemp oil as necessary to get everything to stick.

Thai Sticks remained popular in the US through the ‘70s, but by the ‘80s, trade had dried up. This occurred for two main reasons: one, the war in Vietnam ended in 1975, and so the main supply chain bringing Thai Sticks to the US was severed; two, the Controlled Substances Act came into effect, classifying marijuana as a Class I Narcotic alongside heroin, LSD and MDMA. This made importing cannabis products a much less appealing activity.

6. Traditionally, this stage would call for another three-day process of curing. However, many modern users will compress the process and instead get all the fan leaves on at once, which is what we’re recommending here. Use more hash oil to coat your fan leaf-wrapped tube of bud, and apply another leaf. Repeat this process one more time, until your Thai Stick is wrapped in three leaves.

Thai Stick is a classic mix of Californian Skunk and Thai genetics. Thai adds flavor and a slightly tropical taste while the cross with Skunk means it maintains some of the classic skunk smell and hit.

The Thai Stick strain is an old skool classic, a pure sativa landrace cannabis variety, originating in Thailand before being brought to the rest of the world in the 70’s and 80’s. This strain got its name from the way its buds were traditionally dried and cured.

Thai Stick weed is still a favourite today, can be grown indoors, outdoors or the greenhouse. Like most cannabis strains it needs a warm climate, however, it will put up with grower mistakes and fight off pests effectively. Although this strain takes longer to grow.