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sure bred seeds

Be sure to keep an eye on them once they start flowering, as you’ve now produced ‘regular cannabis seeds’. This means your plants can turn both male or female when they enter the flowering stage. Providing you with what you need to further stabilize your creation into the perfect weed strain.

There is one thing you definitely need if you’re planning to breed your own weed strains: male cannabis plants. Unless your plan is to make feminized cannabis seeds, which is a different story we’ll dive into another time. To recognize and distinct male from female (and hermaphrodite) weed plants, have a look here.

Creating own cannabis varieties is pretty easy too and could potentially be a green goldmine. Even if you don’t create the next Super Silver Haze on your first try, it is still worth trying. Cross-breeding your own weed strains is very educative and results in a huge collection of cannabis genetics. Meaning you might hold seeds to strains that are no longer being produced – to cultivate or cross-breed with.

Fertilizing Female Weed Plants

Make sure there are no vents on and windows are closed though. As the male cannabis pollen is designed to travel with wind – and in this case we’re trying to contain it to not fertilize the wrong (or too many) female plants. Also avoid working with your female plants right after this job, as pollen easily sticks to your clothing and hair.

Pollinating your female cannabis plants is as easy as collecting male pollen. Preferably wait until the plant(s) you want to fertilize are three to five weeks into their flowering period. Then take the selected female out of the grow room, again, to avoid uncontrolled pollination of the rest of the plants. Label one or more branches to fertilize, to know which plant was crossed with which and when. And use a clean (paint) brush to apply the pollen on one or more branches for seed production – leaving the rest of the flowers to produce seedless weed: sinsemilla.

Hollow stems on male cannabis plants may indicate high THC-production in its offspring

Crossing your female plant with late-blooming males will therefore retain the desired characteristics from your fem – instead of your cross turning into a copy of your male parent. If you’re serious about selecting the right male, make sure you have a separate room for them. As there you can leave them to flower longer, to discover more about their grow characteristics.

One of my first runs with her.

The smoke is awesome, one of the "fan favorites" right now (along with M4, M7/10, M6, M3, and Thin Mint GSC). The nose on the finished flowers is very unique, floral (a hint of lavender maybe), that subtle sweetness comes through, and woman’s perfume. Really hard to describe, maybe even some OG fuel mixed in.

Long story shortened; The M’s are bagseed that my sister in law held on to for a year from a very high quality 1/8 of Animal Cookies.

higher self

Superseeds my ass. Had a lil scare getting these started thought they were duds for a moment but 4 of 5 popped. Defiantly needed a good amount of h202 in the germination for the paper towel. Starting this thread so yall can see how things go with Surebred as they have no pics or reports of their strains Taking the gamble as the test dummy with these but I don’t mind. These are the Gelato 33 BX, I think it’s a SSH male if I’m not mistaken. Know there are a couple of other people here who picked up some Surebred if you pop um post up here.

With that I’m excited about this pheno. The other has similar smells but more a fruity/sherbert w/ earthy kush. It the bigger yield as well by a long shot.

@Vato_504 Gotta make a road trip happen, going to make a personal delivery to you and @Afgan King . Don’t want to subject them to any stress, as pristine as the day they were cut, that is how they will be passed from my hands, to yours.

The smoke is awesome, one of the "fan favorites" right now (along with M4, M7/10, M6, M3, and Thin Mint GSC). The nose on the finished flowers is very unique, floral (a hint of lavender maybe), that subtle sweetness comes through, and woman’s perfume. Really hard to describe, maybe even some OG fuel mixed in.

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With all this excitement around legal home grow, you may be wondering where to find the best cannabis seeds and genetics to get your garden started. Luckily, this blog will help people explore various options and vendors with great seeds and solid genetics for the optimal home grow experience.

Get Your Green Garden Growing Today

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