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super autoflower seeds canada

Blue Dream is exactly as it sounds – a beautiful blue and purple plant that’s beloved by many growers worldwide. It has received much praise for its balanced and sustained high, which is associated with giggly and relaxing effects. While originating in California, it’s grown in popularity in the UK, where it can be grown perfectly indoors.

The Girl Scout Cookies strain offers a pleasant baked cookie scent of molasses and sugar with deep, dank earthy undertones. To taste, it’s famed for its chocolate, minty notes and sweet citrus flavor.

Super autoflower strains are the latest in a long line of strain developments. Bred to be as potent and large as regular strains but as convenient as autoflower seeds, they are the holy grail for easy-grow harvests. Super autos can even grow larger than regular strains, producing regular and significant yields.


Blue Dream boasts a pleasant aroma of sweet berries, grape and fruit juice. The taste is similar, with rich and sweet fruity flavors with undertones of pine and grass.

Tangerine Dream is an immensely popular strain that’s easy to grow with autoflowering seeds. Crafted for restful, medicinal use, you can expect an uplifting and relaxing high that’s perfect for clearing the mind. A perennial favorite in Amsterdam, it’s a richly fragrant plant that balances a relatively high THC level with calming CBD.

Enjoy sweet berry aromas and earthy undertones not dissimilar from a raisin chocolate bar. Its flavors open up with stone fruit and mango, with dank notes of grapefruit and pine.

Super Skunk is an ideal plant for indoor growers that is adaptable to warm outdoor climates too. Sunshine is key for those planting outside, where it can reach heights of 130 cm. Indoors, it’s an easy-grow strain with multiple harvests per year. Expect a flowering time of between 8 and 10 weeks. More experienced growers will benefit from utilizing training methods like cropping and LST. It’s a fairly conspicuous plant indoors, with heights of 90 to 110 cm.

5 Seeds Per Pack

5 seeds Per Pack

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GRANDDADDY PURPLE Feminized Cannabis Seeds

5 Seeds Per Pack

5 Seeds Per Pack

5 Seeds Per Pack

5 Seeds Per Pack

Also known as super automatic seeds; these seeds are designed to do most of the work for you while still producing large harvests. They flower after a set period instead of depending on a light cycle.
Autoflowers are able to be harvest in as little as 7 – 15 weeks from seed germination, depending on the strain of cannabis allowing you to enjoy multiple harvests of indoors or outdoors throughout the year as autoflowering seeds will always flower automatically regardless of the light cycle. Super Autoflowers have gained more and more popularity among new growers looking for ease of growth and high yields; best of both worlds. At Super Autoflowers, we manually picked the most performant and stable autoflowering genetics for you to try. We are a Canadian based seed bank, located in Montreal (Quebec).