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How does Take Spruce compare to other CBD brands for dogs? Our in-depth review looks at price, customer reviews, CBD extract, and more. We've teamed up with our family farm, Next 7 Organics, to provide our first full-spectrum organic hemp CBD oil. Our family runs Next 7 Organic Farms and provide high-quality craft Hemp extracts (as well as amazing fruits and veggies). We've been early testers since day one and really appreciate the local, organic, natu

Take Spruce CBD for Dogs Review 2022

Take Spruce is a new CBD company, having formed less than two years ago. While they didn’t make this year’s list of the Best CBD Oil for Dogs, this North Carolina-based brand has a lot going for it. Here’s what we know about Take Spruce and their Organic Full Spectrum Pet CBD.

What we liked

  • Good mix of minor cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Organic carrier oil

Things to consider

  • Only one option for dogs
  • Lack of customer reviews

See how Take Spruce compares to other CBD brands in our review of the Best CBD Oil for Dogs.

Who is Take Spruce?

Operating out of North Carolina, Take Spruce was founded in 2018, by a family who has become disillusioned with modern medicine as it appears in both human and veterinary practice. Their focus on product quality and sustainable farming practices over retail price ticks all the right boxes for us, as does their commitment to repeat customers, with a Subscribe and Save policy that prioritizes those people and pups who are already depending on Take Spruce’s CBD.

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While they don’t grow their own hemp, Take Spruce is aligned with two farms, one in Kentucky and the other in North Carolina, which allows them to keep a close eye on their product from seed to shelf. Here’s how Take Spruce define their mission as a CBD organization:

Take Spruce: Key points

Take Spruce – Dog CBD Oil 750mg

Full spectrum extract

Organic coconut MCT oil carrier

12 cents per mg of CBD

Even though Take Spruce’s CBD oil is much newer than many of the products we’ve reviewed, this brand is committed to regular lab testing, which allows it to easily gauge product quality. According to them, this oil has never registered any pesticide or bacteria contaminants and has consistently contained at least the stated CBD content.

Being a full spectrum oil, Take Spruce’s 750mg tincture also contains a wide range of other cannabis compounds, which help round out the benefits of cannabis for dogs.

CBD is only one of over 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. By supplementing with this extract, dogs can also take advantage of the benefits of:

  • CBC, a cannabinoid known for its ability to trigger the release of anandamide in the body, a natural pain-fighting compound.
  • CBN, which has shown comparable results to artificial sleep aids in studies, and may also help regulate the immune system. And,
  • CBG, which is a potent pressure and inflammation reducer, especially in cases of inflammatory bowel disease.

And terpenes, which are aromatic compounds found in a large variety of medicinal plants and herbs. Take Spruce’s CBD extraction contains active levels of:

  • Limonene, a widely-found terpene that’s often associated with citrus fruits and plants, and may contribute to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of some superfoods. And,
  • Eucalyptol, which reduces inflammation and pain when applied topically, and can help clear airways of mucus.
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Take Spruce’s 750 mg bottle has a cost per mg of CBD of approximately 12 cents. While this isn’t the lowest price per mg we’ve come across, it’s impressive value for money for a product that incorporates both organic hemp and Organic Coconut Oil. A coconut (or MCT) carrier oil is generally thought to be easier for pups to consume, both due to it’s sweeter, milder taste, and because its composition of medium-chain fats promotes faster digestion.

What are customers saying?

Rating 5.0 (33 reviews)

“I was able to fully take my dog off of carprofen from using this CBD oil.“

“My 12 yr old Basset Hound mix is a puppy again! She has improved mobility in her joints and a renewed vigor for life.”

“Excellent product, easy on the stomach, and very effective for pain relief. And the customer service is exceptional.”


We only want the best for our pups, which is why we teamed up with our family farm, Next 7 Organics, to provide our first full-spectrum organic hemp CBD oil.

Already managing acres of certified organic vegetable production on the farm made it an easy transition to planting hemp. Grown on seventh-generation farmland, their hemp has been meticulously grown and tested to guarantee safety and results for your pup.

Certified Organic CBD for pups

CBD oil has been used to treat unwanted behavior, nervousness, and hyperactivity in pets.

Our organic CBD promotes calmness, reduces anxiety during stressful situations, and
offers an array of health benefits. It can also help relieve arthritis and joint pain, fight
cancer, boost immunity, and reduce nausea in dogs.

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CBD has many uses – what can it treat for your pup?

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At Spruce, we design products that make exploring the world with your pet easy. As designers and dog-lovers we believe that quality and function are essential to creating great products to help you enjoy every experience with your pup.

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