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Skunk seeds grow extremely fast. You can usually harvest them within 8 weeks. And you do not have to compromise on yield, because this is at least 400 gr/m². This applies to both indoor and outdoor.

But it is not only the effect of Skunk that makes it one of the most respected weed varieties. Skunk flowers extremely fast and produces round, fat buds that contain up to 20% THC. Also, growing Skunk seeds is very easy because the plant is very resistant to mold and climate fluctuations.

Skunk seeds are feminized. This means that they are guaranteed to produce weed. As soon as they get less light, they start to flower. For outdoors this means late September/early October which means you can start harvesting around that time. For indoor growing you will have to mimic this light cycle and so you can grow all year round.

Growing skunk seeds

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Skunk produces a strong, full-body high that leaves you feeling both relaxed and happy. While most Skunk users will find that they are in a calming mood, a few may find that they become creative and active.

Our Skunk seeds are available as feminized seeds and as autoflowers. This Indica-dominant plant is very easy to grow, allowing you to successfully harvest as a beginner. Especially if you choose autoflowering varieties. Moreover, you do not have to wait long for the plant to finish flowering. Skunks are one of the fastest growing cannabis varieties. Bottom-line: Skunk really only has advantages when it comes to growing and smoking.

The Skunk plant is a sturdy hybrid with heavy branches and thick stems. It produces full and fat buds that provide high yields of potent THC weed. Thanks to its indica-dominant characteristics, the plant remains small and compact, making it perfect for growing indoors. Indoors, they often grow no taller than 110 cm and produce around 450 grams/m². Skunk can also be grown outdoors since it is resistant to fungus and temperature fluctuations. The plants then grow about 20 cm taller and produce a slightly higher yield (about 550 grams/m²).

Super Skunk produces a nice all-over body relaxation. At the same time a wave of happiness and euphoria sweep over you. Your senses become enhanced, so when you start to feel the munchies, your snacks will taste a lot more flavorful. Also, your mood boosts, you become chill and feel your stress levels drop off. Medical users also like this strain because it helps reduce and eliminate pain, headaches, and cramps.

This beloved strain, Super Skunk, entered popular cannabis culture when its breeder crossed Skunk #1 and Afghani. It was developed to be better than its original, and many believe that it’s better by a long shot. As an Indica-dominant hybrid, this strain has 65% Indica and 35% Sativa

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This is the perfect indoor and outdoor strain. Since Super Skunk is predominantly an Indica strain, it grows to medium height and is bushy and compact. Due to the way it grows, the branches are heavy and the stems are thick to support the large dense buds. When grown outdoors this plant can yield up to 600 grams per M2. And it can survive harsher outdoor environments, particularly when exposed to pests and disease. Lastly, this stain has a short flowing time of 8 to 10 weeks, so it has an early harvest of late September or early October.

Super Skunk is an excellent strain all the way around. It’s an easy plant to grow making it appealing to novice growers and even those with veteran skills. And its THC levels are in the medium range which is also appealing to different types of smokers. Overall, we’re serious fans of Super Skunk. We love how it’s Indica strength leaves your body thoroughly relaxed while its Sativa effects balance it out by providing clear-headedness.

Take a big inhale of a Super Skunk nug and observe how sparks of aroma get sent through your nose hairs. The skunk smell is pungent and not easily missed. It’s light green in appearance with reddish-brown hairs. The buds are thick and dense. When you break it apart, the aroma of skunk, along with earthy and spicy notes shine through.

Grown indoors on average you get a yield of 65-75 g per plant or between 600-650 g per metre squared, under a 600w light. Grown outdoors, she prefers a warmer climate such as in Spain, Italy or California and given the right conditions will produce over 600g per plant. Due to her relatively short flower time she can be grown in more northern latitudes (UK, Netherlands), however, will not reach her full potential as she would indoors.

Flowering will be finished after 8-9 weeks to maximise flavour, but she can go a week longer to give an extra kick to the smoke. Overall her short flower time, easy grow and big yield makes her a contender for the selection of those commercial ‘cash-crops’.

Our Skunk XL feminised will grow over 1 metre tall, up to 1.5m, yielding a giant main cola. Over all she is quite an easy plant to maintain, with little stretching during flower for a Sativa, combined with her big bud structure altogether making her a pleasant plant to grow. This relatively easy maintenance makes her suitable for both soil and hydro set ups, especially for Sea/Screen of Green operations.

Skunk XL Offers an Easy Growing Experience

An absolute classic strain which laid the genetics for the majority of marijuana seeds around today. Originally, a mix of Colombian, Mexican and Afghan land races creating the 50% Sativa 50% Indica genetic that led to a new generation of cannabis. Over the years this strain has been worked on to improve that sweet taste and big buds most commonly associated with Skunk #1. Today, Royal Queen Seeds brings this classic variety into the modern era with a feminised seed.

As for smoke, our Skunk XL Feminised brings a great mix of instant head high while a subtle body stone creeps up on you after time. Smokers always enjoy her sweet, fruit like, taste that makes every hit of the joint or bong a genuine pleasure to be desired after.