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seedsman shipping to canada

Seedsman seeds are great in this regard, and most customers report problem-free germination and grow.

I’ve noticed that they switch up the strains that are on sale fairly often, so make sure to check back often for new promotions.

You can sort by strain type, growth characteristic, cultivation method, and much more.

What Do Customers Think?

With subtle shipping and privacy-oriented payment methods, Seedsman gets five stars for discretion.

I would recommend Seedsman for anyone on a tight budget or who enjoys an Amazon-style shopping experience.

With almost 4,400 different strains, Seedsman is one of the largest seed banks in the world!

Finally, entries on a credit card or bank statements are generic and will not identify your purchases!

Their idea is that cannabis cultivation will eventually be legal everywhere and at that time, people will be glad that the variety of genetically-viable cannabis strains have been preserved rather than fading into oblivion. Seedsman encourages people to collect their favorite marijuana seeds now and – in areas where it is not currently legal to grow them – to save them for a time when it is legal. They also sell products to help people preserve their seeds and keep them viable even in long-term storage. Of course, if it is legal to grow weed where you live, go ahead and do so now!

This makes certain brands of seeds available to a wider audience since Seedsman Seeds ships worldwide, while many smaller seed brands only ship to certain countries. This service can be a lifesaver in many places where many seed brands can’t be shipped. If you’re looking for a brand of seeds that you normally wouldn’t be able to get in your country, check out Seedsman because they more than likely have it in stock.

A portion of the company’s profits is also used to help speed up the legalization process in the UK and abroad. Representatives from Seedsman Seeds participate in cannabis trade shows all over to draw awareness to the issue. The company also supports political lobbying organizations as well as marijuana-focused charities. They do this because they, like many others in the industry, believe that cannabis would be safer and more profitable if it were legalized everywhere.

Seedsman History and Mission Statement

Seedsman has been selling cannabis seeds online since 2003, and are widely considered to be among the most well-known seed banks in the business. They are a true seed bank – they don’t only sell the seeds that they breed themselves; they also curate and sell seeds from other breeders.

Seedsman seed bank has over 15 years of experience and has become a well-known name among the top seed banks in the marijuana seed industry. A proud British seed bank, Seedsman got its start by preserving cannabis seeds for genetic research, a mission continues to this day. Seedsman not only aims to provide customers with quality seeds from all over the world, but also to ensure that a diverse pool of genetically-viable seeds remain in circulation. After all, the more diverse a gene pool is, the more resistant the cannabis plants are to diseases and pests. A larger, more diverse pool also provides a larger scope and sample size for research.

Seedsman believes that after full global legalization, marijuana consumers would have more knowledge of what they are actually buying and more control over the strains and potencies that they choose. Money would be going to local businesses rather than unknown criminal organizations, with a little bit taken off the top to pay for regulation enforcement in the community. Age restrictions would be easier to enforce, helping to ensure that young people don’t use the drug irresponsibly. In addition to all of this, prisons would be less bloated with non-violent drug offenders. Overall, legalization is a win-win-win scenario, and Seedsman Seeds is working hard to make it a reality.

Unlike some seed banks with only one or two payment options, Seedsman accepts a wide range of payment methods and currencies. Bank transfer, Zelle, Bitcoin, Cash (GBP, EUR, USD), check or money order via Western Union or MoneyGram (GBP, EUR, or USD), and credit card payments (depending on the country) are all accepted.

If you already know what you want, the search option is very effective and will save you plenty of time, though the filtering tool can be a little clunky as you drill down through your search results to find exactly what you need. also includes a helpful tool to compare different seed offerings side-by-side, the ability to save your favorites on a wishlist, and the capability to view prices in ten different currencies. The site also features an active blog with tons of interesting and useful content.

With seeds from such a huge variety of breeders available, Seedsman’s prices vary considerably. There is something for shoppers at every price point, from bargain to premium. Seedsman also offers a number of discounts and promotional offers. Every order over €30 qualifies for up to six free seeds – depending on the total purchase amount. Seedsman also runs contests and giveaways on its social media channels. UK orders over €40 and EU orders over €80 are eligible for free shipping.

Price and Payment Options states that this company’s goal is to provide superior support to all of its customers. Seedsman clearly does make an effort to follow through on this goal, frequently responding to customer complaints in public forums offering solutions to make things right. Customer support is available via email or phone for anyone with questions or concerns about their order. Seedsman says they will respond to all inquires within 48 hours.

However, the seeds you want actually being in stock can be hit-or-miss with this company. It’s not uncommon to find strains out of stock when browsing A large number of Seedsman’s strains are currently unavailable in most countries, which Seedsman says is due to Brexit restrictions.

The majority of Seedsman customer reviews in growers’ forums and on Seedsman’s own website have been positive. However, Seedsman’s consistency isn’t as great as it could be, and a number of recurrent shipping and germination issues prevent us from recommending this company as a top resource for seeds.

When I order marijuana seeds, I want them fast so I can get those babies planted as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, quick and expedient shipping is an area where Seedman tends to falter. Seedsman ships worldwide, advertising delivery times within 4-5 working days in the UK, 3-14 working days in the rest of Europe, and within 35 days elsewhere in the world.