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seeds in weed reddit

A bit of a pain in the ass if there's more than a few seeds in it. I've bought ounces of the shit and had at best,1 or 2 seeds per gram at worst 4+ seeds per gram.

I'll give it a shot. My bigger concern was that, like, weed that had been allowed to produce seeds will be less potent. Not a long-time smoker or particularly knowledgable, this is the first time I've come across this issue.

Regs, swag, ditch weed, etc. Just don't let him charge you too much for that shit.

Mate if it's the same shit in Paisley it's "okay".

Just ran out of smoke and speaking to my contacts about buying more. My friend says he can get me an eighth of weed but says it may have 'a seed here or there' in it. I've never, to my knowledge smoked seedy trees before. This might be the only stuff going right now, too.

It's just fine. Just buy it. You wanna get high or not? All you have to do is pick out the seeds and he even said there was only "a seed here or there".

Pick the seeds out and smoke it. You'll get high and forget about the shit situation a lot of us are in because we can't or don't grow.

Sandwich the seed in between layers of damp paper towels and put them in a Tupperware container. Leave the container somewhere warm and dark and check it in 24 hours. It should have begun to sprout..

I found a white dro seed and I'm hoping too start it and plant it, what would be the best way to start the seed?

put it in between a damp paper towel. place it in a dark place for about a day. a tiny root should pop through the seed and the seed will be germinated. after that just put it in dirt.

Next, though I have done what the top comments are suggesting with putting it in a damp paper towel. This totally works, and if you already started, no need to stop! But if you haven't, I would recommend putting it is a glass of water, and leaving it on your window sill for a day or 2. Once it sinks and you see a "tail" coming from the seed, it's good to go in the soil!

Definitely check out r/microgrowery! They can help you out for sure, and it is a great community.

Been saving seeds for years in anticipation of legalization. This year is the year for my state!

Hope it's a female mate!

I used to get mad when I found seeds in my bud but now it’s so rare that it’s almost like a little present. You get free weed because some flower jizz got on your bud you smoked.

Once a female cannabis plant receives fertilization, it promotes seed development instead of flower and calyx development. You can still get good results, but it affects the final product. Essentially a non fertilized plant on average will produce more bud.

Almost a present! When you think of how seeds are created it means that there was a male or hermaphrodite plant in or around the same grow space as the plant the nug came from.