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seeds and clones for sale

Marijuana plants are available only to verified medical marijuana patients and recreational users whom are State compliant with posession & distribution clone statutes and County cultivation limits.

There’s a huge demand for verified cannabis genetics and we understand patients order from us to grow premium medical marijuana. Serious cultivators know each harvest is an investment and for this reason do not settle for genetics of unknown origin. Our team of growers can only do what’s humanly possible to ensure each plant is healthy and rooted properly. Given the type of industry, we have done an excellent job remaining a safe, discrete & legal source of marijuana plants and cannabis seeds since 2009.

Select the right strains to cultivate by considering which medical effects would best treat your ailments or condition.

Indica Strains

When shopping around for a nearby clone nursery, take the time to ask:

Our success selling clones for sale online allows us to preserve a wide range of genetics and continue providing marijuana plants for less than the cost of feminized cannabis seeds. Each transaction is a donation from patient for marijuana plants. A donation is defined as “the act of giving” or “a contribution”. In other words, offering replacements is a voluntary Exchange Policy because there are too many variables to consider when offering a guarantee on products highly susceptible to customer care.

The Strainbank stands behind our marijuana clones and cannabis seeds with our Exchange Policy to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Once randomly selected cuttings appear rooted, it’s safe to assume the whole tray is rooted; however, our growers still perform a “tug test” before each order to ensure a strong root system has developed. Waiting for “curtain-like” roots to accumulate increases the shock plants experience when transplanting; why?

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Accepted Payments: Cash/Credit Card/Venmo

Location: San Diego/Orange County/Riverside/Los Angeles

Ships To: WorldWide

Similarly to choosing between THC or CBD rich clones, the strain you select will be based on your preferences. First you should decide if you would rather grow an indica plant, a sativa plant or a hybrid that is somewhere in the middle. If you go with a hybrid, look to see if it is Indica Dominant or Sativa Dominant so you can grow it accordingly. Once you have made that decision you can decide how potent of a bud you want. You will find on average, strains will range anywhere from 15% to 27%+ for THC and CBD potency. Finally, you can consider the amount of time the strain takes to flower. Some people like a faster flowering strain while others don’t mind how long it takes. All of this info will be provided by the breeder along with more such as the Genetic Lineage of the Strain!

Accepted Payments: Credit Card (Mastercard + Visa) / Bitcoins / Moneygram / Bank Transfer / Cash

Accepted Payments: Cash/Debit Card

Location: Online

The new Californian Marijuana laws allow any adult over the age of 21 to grow plants in their home or enclosed outdoor garden.
Whatever you’re looking for: fast flowering, high yields, particular THC levels, classic strains that are everyone’s favorite, or variety in your grow, you’ll find it here. Our simple but effective method for cultivating potent and high-quality strains means that you get what you want. Every time.

All of our genetics are from seed, verified and cloned. We have an amazing selection of strains and sizes to meet the needs of all growers.

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If you’re looking for marijuana clones for sale in Los Angeles or anywhere in California, you’ve come to the right place. We have the best selection of Cannabis clones and teens on the West Coast. We deliver rooted, healthy Marijuana plants all over California! Check out our clones for sale below.

Easy Online Ordering

Please keep in mind that ordering is a quote request, and you will be contacted to discuss prices.

Prices in Northern and Southern CA vary. Bulk or scale pricing is applied when you are given a quote.

The online platform we use is simple and sophisticated. It’s easy to find what you need. We offer the best genetics for marijuana clones and Seeds for sale in California. Our customers are medical patients and breeders who expect quality, service, and consistency.