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seed banks that accept paypal

Another advantage when using Paypal is that they act as a gatekeeper for your financial information. Paypal sends them your payment as easy as 1-2-3.

Call us, use our live chat, or email us if you want to buy marijuana seeds and pay with PayPal.

Now the question is, is it okay to buy marijuana seeds with PayPal as the payment method? The answer would be YES.

The Pros

If you are looking for cannabis seed banks that take PayPal, then you have come to the right place as we take this payment method when you order marijuana seeds from our seed company.

There is no risk for you as a buyer as the transaction will be discreet. No mentions of the name of the company or what you are buying online.

However, there is a risk to the seed company like us as PayPal may flag our account or shut it down completely. PayPal may also suspend the customers account when PayPal notices that cannabis seeds were purchased. This only happens though if the customer does not follow the instructions set by the seed company.

Today there are only a few seed banks worldwide that accept PayPal. There are speculations that some online seed banks are not accredited because these may not be trusted by the payment system. Always double-check the website if they accept PayPal before wasting your time choosing the perfect strain to purchase. Then if not, I am sure there are other ways to purchase your seed in a secure and safe manner.

Well, read this post to go through the detailed answers. You will also find advantages and disadvantages of carrying out transactions with Paypal.

When you use PayPal to pay for any product or service, PayPal ensures that you get what you order. If there’s an issue in between, PayPal will hold that money to go through the system. If you raise the dispute in genuine cases, the processor will get your money back to you.

Is Using PayPal With ILGM Safe?

PayPal is one of the platforms of sending and receiving money securely. Your account is verified with PayPal, and it will keep your account and payment information safe. If you have any problem with payments, PayPal will resolve your issue if you explain your concern.

If a user or a company gets caught, their Paypal accounts might get suspended. Whatsoever, if you really need to order your marijuana seeds with Paypal, you can ask the customer service team of a particular online dispensary or seed bank; they might guide you on how to pay using PayPal for your seeds.

However, there’s a clutch if you really need to buy your marijuana seeds online by using Paypal. How to make it possible? What should be done to use Paypal for your cannabis? What are the seed banks that can let you pay using Paypal?

The Crop King Seeds website might look a bit low budget, but it has an intuitive layout that is easy to understand and navigate. They provide a lot of info on each strain and they also have plenty of customer reviews. Their pricing is a bit higher than other seed websites, but the quality of their strains makes them a good value anyway. Our complete review has more.

Despite the name, Marijuana Seeds NL is not located in the Netherlands. They are headquartered in the UK. But this makes little difference for American customers.

Eventually, any business taking payments through PayPal will have a dispute filed against them. Even if they do everything right, there are always people out there who use PayPal’s dispute system to try to get free stuff. I know this from experience working at an online store.

Crop King Seeds

They ship for free to any US state and to Australia (shipping to Aus is free for orders over $150) and they ship discreetly, so no one will ever know what you ordered. Their packaging also ensures customs has no idea what is being shipped, but if a package did ever get intercepted, they guarantee delivery, so they would ship you a replacement. Average shipping time is 4 days.

Standard gets shipped in a crush proof container inside a normal plain envelope. Stealth means the seeds are hidden discreetly in an unrelated item. Guaranteed Stealth is the same, but delivery is guaranteed. If your seeds are do not arrive within 25 days, they are resent at no extra cost to you. Shipping times are a bit longer than most other seed banks, but usually still arrive in 6 to 12 days.

When it comes to seed banks, they generally let them do business. At first.

They are headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, but they actually sell their strains at over 100 physical locations across Canada. I don’t know of another online seed store that does this.