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seed bank australia review

Despite how much Australian Seed Bank raves about the quality of their seeds, they do not offer a germination guarantee. In my opinion, the most telling sign that a seed bank is great is them offering a germination guarantee since that means they actually believe in their seeds.

They have feminized, autoflowering, Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid seeds.

Australian Seed bank offers a variety of discrete and convenient payment methods.

Seed Quality

On their website, Australian Seed Bank declares themselves the official cannabis seed supplier of Australia.

They have over 3,200 reviews on Trustpilot, with an impressive overall score of 4.2 /5 stars.

It’s a good thing that Australian Seed Bank doesn’t have that many seeds because there is no easy way to sort through their seed offerings.

Unfortunately, the best Seed Banks for Australians to order from are international. I’ve looked at a few “Australian” seed bank websites and they all look very suspect. Yes, it might take a bit longer for your seeds to arrive, but ILGM guarnatees their shipments to Australia and has a great track record.

This is not the first time ACT law has contradicted national law. In 2013, ACT legalized same-sex marriage, but it was later rejected by the Supreme Court of Australia.

They deliver to all areas in Australia. Whether you are in New South Wales, Northern Territory, or Queensland will get their secure transportation services. Canna Seeds will send confidential orders to customers within two days of the transaction.

This Aussie seed bank offers a wide range of cannabis seeds from medical seeds, cup seeds to popular seeds. Besides seeds, they also provide other cannabis-related items such as fertilizers, nutritional stimulants, pest treatment products, etc.

#12 Australian Seed Bank – Australia’s legit seed bank with fast domestic shipping

Seedsman ship worldwide and they also offer different shipping services to customers at average prices. Customers outside the UK and Europe will take longer, but can shorten this time with separate shipping services. Customers in Australia can take up to 35 days to receive the seed they ordered.

Currently, drug-related regulations in Australia vary depending on the state or territory. ACT’s new legislation allowing the legalization of marijuana is currently at odds with drug legislation enacted by the Australian Parliament.

Growers will find a lot of cannabis seeds at Homegrown Cannabis Co, from the most popular seeds to the ones that win the cannabis cup. Their seed stock is always filled to make sure customers don’t have to wait too long if their favorite seeds are out of stock.

Currently, there are two countries that have officially legalized cannabis, namely Uruguay and Canada. Many US states have also allowed recreational use of marijuana. In some countries of Europe and Asia, the use of cannabis for research and treatment of diseases is permitted by law.

ILGM is associated with top growers in the cannabis market to connect their readers and clients with the best weed seeds on the market.

For ILGM, support means a real person with marijuana experience that can guide you. If you want help growing your plants, you’ll find the expert team on the ILGM support forum . Post your inquiry there, and they will get in touch with you soon.

You can also browse the strains based on your growing requirements and preferences, such as plant size, yield, climate, and whether you want to cultivate weed indoors or outdoors.

Superior Genetics

Want to hear something exciting?

If you want to keep your marijuana purchase undercover, they also accept Bitcoin that gives freedom to buy your cannabis seeds in total anonymity.

With Bitcoin, you get an extra 10% off of your entire order!

If you’re concerned about customs seizing your package, don’t worry, ILGM is a master in stealth shipping . Knowing that your seeds will be delivered and they will germinate takes a big load off your shoulder while buying cannabis seeds online.