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Dr Sanjay Gupta Cbd Gummies | Global Clubfoot Initiative 2022-08-26 Benefits And Uses Of dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies And when to use has been Hemp Based Cbd. It can be said that he has no Is cannabis a gateway drug, or a gateway to recovery? Join me in 1 hour (8pET) on CNN for “Weed 4: Pot vs. Pills.” And, chat with me live during the show…

Dr Sanjay Gupta Cbd Gummies | Global Clubfoot Initiative

2022-08-26 Benefits And Uses Of dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies And when to use has been Hemp Based Cbd.

It can be said that he has no ability to resist now.

The voice was so abrupt and so close that it almost rang in his ear.

Ye Fan also quietly benefits of cbd vape left the camp after Xiang Liu left.

If Does Cbd Pure Oil Help Inflammation dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies there is no movement here, Chiyou may be suspicious.

The rest of the Li dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies family on the lumi microdose reviews top of the mountain remained motionless, as if they were meditating.

Li Tianlan smiled and didn t say dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies can i take cbd oil and xanax much. Where is Quick Effect dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies this little thing After confirming that Bai Qingchao was promoted today, Li Tianlan realized what the high cbd oil for food allergies level meeting held in the military building today meant.

Behind him, he wrapped Xiang Liu with a gray dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies spiritual energy.

The flat ground in front of the warehouse suddenly raised a bitter storm.

The figure of Jiang Shangyu rushed into the warehouse.

I know. Qin Weibai said indifferently Five votes in favor, Minister, you have done your best.

The contrast also began to tilt. The power of the Li family even dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies suppressed the Beihai Wang family.

Dongcheng walked out of the dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies when to use has been Help People Relieve Pain villa and sat in front of the marble table in the yard, resting his cheeks dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies in how to apply topical cbd oil for neck arthritis his hands, silently in a daze.

It s not a big problem. Wang Tianzong said, They are far from being a force that can control marijuana patches the situation of the battle.

Battle Legion, if the decisive battle where can i buy a giant gummy bear of Tiandu is victorious, the Snow Dance Legion will occupy the right to speak in the dark world of Dongdao and chronic confections gummies become the most pain relief with cbd powerful force in the dark world of Dongdao.

If these two positions are united, .

vermont royal cbd oil

dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies they can do a lot of things.

Who wouldn dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies t can cbd oil be added directly to vape juice want to look forward to this kind of life Global Clubfoot Initiative dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies Sometimes it Global Clubfoot Initiative dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies s nothing more than being forced by reality.

Captain, why Quick Effect dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies Cbd Oil Narco did Lord Ye Fan wake us up Zhang San looked at Wei Jun with tears in his eyes.

Otherwise, we are afraid that we will It s going to be a river of blood.

The training ground dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies is in good order for a while, and it can be said that each person is performing his own duties.

What the hell is going on, isn t cbd oil 25mg capsules Brother Ye Fan here to recuperate Why did he suddenly disappear This is a good living person.

But now there is no way, it is in this form, and then the Chi You army recedes like a tide.

Your ordinary bodyguard. Are you worthy of when to use has been Help People Relieve Pain trading with me Angel sneered I am a saint of the Holy See If you are going to where in dfw can i buy cbd oil Eastern Europe, then I am qualified to trade dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies with you.

Qin Weibai is dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies the adopted daughter of Master Wuwei.

It is purely a contest between sword intent and sword energy.

After this battle, Situ Cangyue stated his position, but the City of Sighs also had to pay a price.

Li Tianlan tugged at the collar and turned to leave the airport.

Don t you have a cleanliness addiction Wang Tianzong s tone was mean She has already been played by Li Tianlan, isn t the woman he used dirty in your dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies heart You She is not dirty With a bang.

Suddenly I feel dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies that it is meaningless to stay in Sky Academy.

When it is destroyed and shredded, and the flames rise into the sky, the battle is over.

Tell me everything you know, maybe I can still think about best cbd gummy fir the money it and spare your life.

No one is allowed to dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies go. Li Tianlan said calmly.

This time, Li Tianlan Cbd Oil St Louis when to use has been was able to end up with a minor injury.

In the gloomy weather, his figure looked a little stooped.

In the next period of time, Ye Fan went to eliminate the three tailed cat and Qingluan.

Today, he has a series of cbd gummies live well extremely important dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies social events, so he is wearing a very formal, black suit dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies and leather shoes, looking calm and fierce.

Xiang Liu when to use has been Help People Relieve Pain dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies looked at the old man .

cbd oil and dementia

dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies and squinted slightly.

Dongcheng how to convert cbd cream to a cbd oil Wudi looked at Li Tianlan s face and hesitated.

Okay. The woman shrugged. I mean, my business has nothing to do with you.

The three tailed cat looked at Wuzhiqi sharply.

Angel, your dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies heart is in a Cbd Oil St Louis when to use has been mess, can you tell me why The Pope looked down at the Bible and said softly.

But who knew that Qingfeng Zhenren dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies just shook his head slightly.

Anyhow, that stupid bear has been with me for a thousand years.

The old Global Clubfoot Initiative dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies man in the sam e anxiety reviews white robe was not angry, but asked softly You Does Cbd Pure Oil Help Inflammation dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies how to remove the cbd oil from hemp have no faith dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies Yes.

The two middle aged men got into the Mercedes Benz in the front.

If it is appropriate, I don t mind betrothing Qingcheng to Him.

Countless Central Continent dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies Cbd Oil Narco soldiers got into the car.

If you dare to lie to me

You re the only one in this operation What about the others Feng Bo was very worried that other people would be involved.

The lineup of the three young Tianjiao was dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies indeed very luxurious.

Because without the dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies help of his grandfather, he would not have been able to defeat dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies the enchanting genius of Ye Fan.

Who is Global Clubfoot Initiative dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies this old gentleman Is he going to follow us all the time Nan Yu still looked at Ye Fan with a puzzled expression.

It is simply to grow other people s ambition and destroy one s own prestige.

The Global Clubfoot Initiative dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies handwriting was ancient and clear. Li Tianlan looked at the picture quietly.

Even dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies after so many years, he was still dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies deeply impressed by that battle.

Lord Ye Fan, what kind of criminal law is this Why have I never dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies seen it before Little Xiezhi rarely had a dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies straight face, but showed some doubts.

The entire exercise area completely solidified with Does Cbd Pure Oil Help Inflammation dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies his silence.

But it doesn t matter. Even Lin Fengting was standing in front of him at this time.

This is really not possible. South American Chiang s raid, Samsara Global Clubfoot Initiative dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies Palace s largest group of elites in Snow Country was wiped out.

No cbd oil i one is optimistic about Li Tianlan. He is arrogant.

One stopped in front of Qin Weibai. The other fell into Li Honghe dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies Cbd Oil Narco s hand.

Trusted destiny Li Tianlan narrowed his chamomile candy eyes Go on.

He didn t seem to expect the Huaqing Summit to refuse.

You are right, Global Clubfoot Initiative dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies they dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies must have taken strict precautions cbd gummies in manhattan against it.

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Ye Fan said slowly. Do you think I have nothing to do I brought you here to hang out in the woods dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies If you can t get used to killing people now, then in the next battle, you will be the ones to be killed.

This is a master. dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies The opponent s aura was so perfectly restrained that even with Li Tianlan s current perception, it was difficult to judge the opponent s level of strength.

What convinces Zhuang Huayang the most is that there is no sign of doing it deliberately at all.

This Global Clubfoot Initiative dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies is difficult to .

is cbd oil addictive?

solve, or difficult to solve perfectly.

Sword qi, iron fist, all unique skills, all martial arts have become the most deadly dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies killing moves, the figures on the screen are constantly moving, one camera after another is dimmed, and the entire battlefield has become more when to use has been Help People Relieve Pain and more tragic.

How do you choose Crazy is loyalty. So is sane.

Zhou Wenbin said with a serious face, no longer giggling.

The whole person is like a Cbd Oil St Louis when to use has been tiger going down the mountain, unstoppable, and rushes straight towards Ye Fan.

Qin Weibai has always been very confident in Li Tianlan.

Nothing could stand between him and Jiang Shangyu for even a second.

Li Tianlan s car had completely dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies Cbd Oil Narco disappeared, and there was no trace.

Some dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies changes are a matter of time. No one is doubting Li Tianlan s martial arts and potential now, but his ability to deal with problems in a chaotic situation is still Global Clubfoot Initiative dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies a dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies question mark.

Seeing Ye Fan coming in, Di Jiang chuckled twice.

He said that, and he did it. In the more than 20 years that Dongcheng Wudi has been in .

Cbd oil legal in what states?

charge of the Border Force, there have been cbd gummies ny countless border conflicts, against the major superpowers in the dark world, against India, against Xueguo, against Annan, against Gaoshan.

The general staff, the general administration, the cvan you buy a custom blend of cbd oil in colorado springs general assembly, the general rear, dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies the big bosses from the four headquarters come here almost every day.

He quietly watched Li dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies Tianlan s body being torn a little bit by sight, and suddenly felt a dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies Cbd Oil Narco little melancholy and confused in his heart A small sound suddenly fell into Wang dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies Shengxiao s ears.

But everyone has dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies Cbd Oil Narco a determined look in micellated water soluble cbd oil their eyes.

At that time, Qin Weibai s bones were almost shattered, his internal organs were almost completely collapsed, and his muscles and blood vessels were completely torn.

Amelia s Deputy Does Cbd Pure Oil Help Inflammation dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tres, has already confirmed the itinerary of the President and dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies Cbd Oil Narco dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies his Prime Minister, and will leave after booking the welcome Cbd Oil St Louis when to use has been dinner tomorrow evening.

Li Tianlan frowned slightly, took a deep breath, and forced himself to calm down.

I ll dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies Best Cbd Oil For Anxienty go wherever you go. Okay Ye Fan had no choice but to agree.

Wang Tianzong took another step forward. In the dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies increasingly fierce sword energy, Li Tianlan suddenly laughed Let the horse come over All the way Quick Effect dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies down to Dibing Mountain.

Maybe he can be a big help for us. that would be a great opportunity for the Heavenly Saint Sect.

Even when he was meeting with the senior leaders dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies of the Snow when to use has been Dance Army, he also dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies asked dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies about Yun Qinxi, Han Chongyang and Qingfeng Liuyun.

Dongcheng Hanguang and Bai Zhanfang relaxed at the same time.

I saw Shen Wuming wearing a black and white Taoist robe, and the white hair on his head was full dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies of immortal energy.

That s right, that s true. It all depends on Elder Zhang s teaching.

Ye is it safe to use cbd oil with pharmaceutical drugs Fan directly swung the Vulcan Sword making a hemp oil cbd tincture with coconut oil and slashed heavily on Chi You s body.

Ye Fan nodded. In fact, he was more interested in Uncle Feng than Uncle Wu.

The middle aged man nodded President, when will you return to Does Cbd Pure Oil Help Inflammation dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies China Always get the job done.

Since he dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies promised himself, he would pay attention next.

For example, the motivation of Jiang s stay here in South America.

Even in the Does Cbd Pure Oil Help Inflammation dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies face of the mysterious old dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies gentleman and the dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies man behind him, he has nothing to fear.

In the first line sequence, they have always had an dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies irreversible relationship with the Beihai Wang Clan, advancing and retreating dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies together.

If his grandson really broke his heart because of this incident, he would never feel at ease for the rest of his life.

A former military secretary of Central Continent.

A sword menthol cbd oil intent appeared in the air. dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies There is only one sword intent, but it swirled in the air with two completely different artistic concepts.

Blazing, so the sword intent becomes more pure.

No sect has ever dared to compare with him. In the eyes of other sects, all this seems to be a matter of course.

Standing in front of him was Global Clubfoot Initiative dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies Hua Qingfeng, the Minister of Guard of Central Continent.

Li Tianlan nodded and looked Does Cbd Pure Oil Help Inflammation dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies at Qin Weibai when to use has been Help People Relieve Pain in front of him.

Lin Fengting is dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies here, so there will be no conflict when to use has been Help People Relieve Pain on Emperor Bing Mountain today.

On the surface, the Southeast Overwatch Council is dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies really meaningless.

Because Ji Ankang can be regarded as Li Tong s predecessor s predecessor, Wu Zhengmin s first secretary back then, and he can be said to be a confidant.

At that time, Ghost Moon sneaked into Huating and didn t when to use has been Help People Relieve Pain know what he wanted to do.

Xu Chu and Ning Qiancheng raised their eyebrows.

Is there anyone else to marijuana infused oil quit Gu Xingyun asked. No one spoke.

There is no sword in his hand. Looking at the dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies warehouse that was getting closer, he raised his fist directly.

Contradictions of personal feelings. The best delta 8 for sleep contradiction between dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies the personal position and the family position became extremely clear immediately after the collapse of the Li family.

In fact, it is not without reason that people call Lin Mu the number one master of the younger generation.

When we found the metaphor, only half of his corpse was left, and the other half was photographed into where can i buy cbd oil in heathrow airport area flesh.

The Sword Emperor On the phone, the man was a little hesitant.

Okay. Li Tianlan nodded, calm as water. Ankang has just been here, and he has made it clear that he will support Yuanshan s work.

You must know that strength dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies Does Cbd Pure Oil Help Inflammation dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies does not mean everything, and maybe it will go astray and do things that are harmful to the entire world.

This is simply the biggest handle. Wang Tianzong can be sure that if dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies this information does dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies not appear here, but is completely exposed, in less than a month, Beihai dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies Wang s investment in various dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies places will directly lose at least nearly one trillion yuan, and its major dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies listed groups and multinational groups.

The sword of killing the sky did not seriously hurt .

can you fly with cbd oil 2022

Li Tianlan, but directly made Chen Moxue lose his combat effectiveness.

Gu Xingyun never took action because of his injury, but obviously, he would not dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies let Li Tianlan grow dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies up.

He is white in white clothes and white hair, Does Cbd Pure Oil Help Inflammation dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies and his face is like a crown of jade.

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Isn t the head of the sect, the Zongmen Grand Competition is the most grand event here.

Scratches represent dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies leaders. A dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies simple point represents ordinary elites.

She felt his emotions. You don t like such rules Song Ci asked.

Still no news Dongcheng Wudi patted Li Tianlan s shoulder with a gentle dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies voice Don t worry too much, the incident happened suddenly, there are many things to be dealt with, isn t the patron saint of the Lin family with President Qin It will be when to use has been alright.


States and areas are with natures of drug crimes/methods with courts, and with doctors tied to them also with/as recorded tied inter-campuses databases illusion stacking, and hiding, and crime acts/roles with cases already through time, and with databases, and with identity crimes, too, their roles recorded with/as child predators, and against each age of fact treatment natures, and inter-family per all that too undercovers and agencies also recorded behind areas’s also foreign maintained criminally foreign influenced databases tied predators/drug clicks overt “gangland” drugs’s crime roles, and medical drug/tied evidences crime roles/ databases illusion stacking/ verbal federal crime/fact treatment natures/ sequence nature treatments roles. This was is using each individual, grouped, togehter, and progressively as consciously maintained sabotaged correlation nature, and defenses of that. They were/are with this behind/as their roles with foreign/ domestic formal and overtly foreign and area’s maintained juxtaposed used child predators roles, and preventing free speech, and fake news recorded using triage corruption also tied to DACA, et cetera.

I Smoked In The 70’s And Hated The Way It Made Me Feel..Never Again..But If The Intense Feeling Was Removed..Pot Over Pills Would Be A Lot Healthier Option For Chronic Pain..

I just watched this and thank you. I have 10 illnesses and was in pain daily. I could not take most pain medicine, because i was allergic to most of them. I started medical marijuana and it was amazing. The week I started the marijuana I was going to get cortisone shots, I canceled the appointment. I no longer was in pain. It also helped with my anxiety.

Dear Mrs. Bakonyi,

The medical committee reviewed the case:

· Dr. James Goodrich, Director Pediatric Neurosurgery Department

· Dr. David Cancel, Director Pediatric Rehabilitation Department

· Dr. Anthony Casale, Chief of Pediatric Urology Department

· Dr. Nadia Ovchinsky, Director of Pediatric Hepatology Department

· Dr. Norman Otsuka, Chief of Pediatric Orthopedic

The medical team all see that the pt will need extensive work and will require being seen by multidisciplina ry teams and he will require braces and orthopedic surgery.

Having said this it is too hard to supply the whole time estimated for treatment and the whole plan of care until the pt is physically assessed in the hospital by the team members.

The estimated cost for such highly sophisticated case will range in $500,000 and payments will be processed in advance and the Hospital will supply itemized invoices for every service rendered.

Please advise if anything is required to further address your needs and please feel free to email me back with any inquiries

Irene Gebrael, PhD

Director Montefiore International Department

Cell +1 646-531-6542

I used cannabis to help when I quit methamphetamine . Nothing else. It was super hard, but the cannabis helped ALOT! I would like to know your thoughts on ibogaine.

I was so excited to see your segment on Dr Oz about this today. My son is a recovering heroin addict and marijuana has saved his life . He has always said that pot was the answer to opiate addiction and he talked about rehab clinics needed to look in to this. I desperately await the day where weed is legal for him!

I heard it is good for Memory. Is it? I supposedly have an ‘Over Active Immune System that has been the cause of my Seizures and that there is no way to get it corrected. And from what current Doctors say, I’m going to be on Medications for LIFE. Is there any place where i would be able to get this, ‘CBD Oil’ for cheap? You should already know that this is not covered by the insurance company

saw this on CNN, i decided to let go of some of my Pain Meds, and focus on wellness and improve my quality of the info and education. Thank you for your work,

God bless you all we need to stand to gether to get this done Dr. Sanjay Gupta will be very pleased to see the notes from you all just a tv station about me doing a story on how this does work how it heals not being a dr icant say what it heals but it does heal and i have just be come a distributor for cbd for the ones who really need it if i have my way it will be free but got find some way to raise money for thoes who need it blessings thank you for the notes keep them comming please

Don’t take painkillers for longer than absolutely necessary. The problem doesn’t lie with opioids. It lies with over-prescribin g it and doctors being manipulated by their patients. They are willingly being manipulated because they’re making money off these patients and they get rewarded by drug companies. Come to Korea to see how drugs are being prescribed and controlled by government and medical rules and regulations. Too many Americans are walking around in a phased out condition because of uncontrolled use and prescription of drugs. Give appropriate medication for an appropriate length of time and then STOP it. Stop depending on drugs and start checking out your diet and habits. Eat well, live well.

Sanjay. POT is not for everyone. and being addicted to opioid is because oxicodon is cheap and unrefined.

Dr. Gupta – kudos for your report on CBD oil. We can get a referral here in Canada for use which I did and it is extremely helpful for inflammation which has greatly reduced my pain from R.A. I got my daughter to watch your documentary and she has posted it on her Facebook account. Keep up the great work.

Susi and I are not in the habit of blasting out personal information and “causes we believe in”. However now we would like to share part of our story with you because we feel that is time for us to take a committed stance to this issue.
In 2003 I was diagnosed with bi-lateral kidney cancer. The cancer was removed, as well as all of my right kidney and 2/3 of my left kidney. Which was estimated to be enough for me to survive without dialysis. The procedure was successful but left me with some pretty severe scarring and hernias. The procedure was done at Mayo in Jacksonville FL. After the surgeries we moved back to IL. in 2004. In 2004 I had another surgery at Mayo in Rochester MN to remove a non-cancerous pituitary tumor. Complications from that surgery left me with 110 lbs. of weight gain due to what the doctor called a “metabolic crash”, in other words it took only maybe 600 calories a day for me to function instead of the 2500 or so I was eating before the surgery.
I do take some responsibility in this, I could have maybe done more about the weight gain and the high blood pressure that eventually led to my ultimate kidney failure but we just were not aware or informed of what was going on with everything I had going on! My first follow-up after the pituitary surgery was several months and many pounds later. Through the years I have worked to lose the excess weight and find ways to deal with the pain associated with kidney loss and dialysis.
My remaining kidney stopped working in 2012 and I started dialysis in 2012. Then started to look into a transplant…over the last five years we have been looking to qualify for a transplant. I lost 130 lbs. and have worked on other aspects of my health. I qualified at Mayo Rochester for a transplant and now they deny it because I use Medical Marijuana…MM has let me eliminate 4 prescription drugs and reduced the amount of opioid pain killer use by ¾. Last time I watched the news, opioid use is a major problem in our country and I know when I have to use them I feel a lot of negative effects. In addition, NO ONE has ever died from a marijuana overdose. Just have a good night sleep. Even Medicare recognizes that there has been a decline in opioids & other prescription drugs due to Medical Marijuana!
We do realize that there are many things in the world to address, many injustices, much suffering and a whole lot of disagreement about how, what and who…This is one thing that we have faced that we feel is a true injustice.
Attached you will find a piece of the rejection letter from Mayo and a copy of my response. I do not expect your support on this, but I would ask that you keep an open mind and at least consider our story, just give it some thought. Personally, I am going to do everything I can to address this issue in this country… In the end it may be too late for me, however, hopefully someone in the future will be able to benefit if this injustice is addressed and people using MM are not discriminated against. Thank you for your time and at least considering our stance and listening to our story.

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Thank you Dr. I have been reading about CBD oil, and the marvelous things it does. However, there are many distributors of this oil. Is there a brand that you would recommend or someone reading this?

I watched your weed4 special and it was FACINATING and most informative – Thank You! Perhaps you could suggest to that football player ( I forget his name) since he can’t get an NFL exemption, perhaps he could come to the Canadian football league (CFL). Marijuana is about to be legalized in Canada this summer so he wouldn’t have to use opioids to play. I find it ironic that the NFL who are against marijuana because it would influence youngsters will instead encourage opioids. One certainly doesn’t see marijuana caused deaths anywhere as opposed to the opioid crisis in the US (and to some degree Canada).

If weed helps with memory in Alzheimer’s disease, how do we reconcile that with the fact that it damages short term memory?

Sanjay, you touched on the possibility that weed might mitigate the affects of Alzheimer’s disease. Can you please cover that topic more in your next episode? Such an important and miraculous possibility should not be overlooked, and deserves more than thirty seconds in your episode if it’s true. The curt treatment of that topic leaves me to belief it’s a myth and cannot be true. Please, interview researchers in the field of cannibus and Alzheimer’s. Thank you!

Your so right on with this study been working with troops we find that all the people i ve talk with say the the same thing today iwanted to talk about a new and exciting Therapy its called higher self Therapy, we have for years known that we are all Spirual Beings having a Human Experinence now there is proof DR Jeffery SMITH IN VISTA CAL A marine jet fighter pilot went bavk to school and is Breaking ground on this matter ck him out 760 207 6617 tell josephvarley said to call

In my opinion Dr. Gupta and the rest of those leading the war on “the opioid crisis” are negatively affecting those who live in chronic pain. Dr. Gupta neglected to mention that those who die from opioid usually die from fentanyl mixed with something else, even pot. In his TV episode Dr. Gupta labeled chronic pain sufferers as addicts. Using medication for pain does not make one an addict. Addicts take pain medication to get high. Chronic pain sufferers take pain medication to maintain a quality of life not possible without the medication. Cannabis is not regulated and has not been studied to the same extent. There are few (if any) peer review studies of Cannabis and it’s effects on pain. In your episode you make it sound like opioids change the brain but your letter to Jeff Sessions suggests addiction is what changes the brain. Anecdotal stories as those told in your television show do not make up a representative sample. As a neurosurgeon I would have thought that you would be a lot more careful about the conclusions you reach and the impact those can have on patients. In my opinion Weed 4 was an irresponsible report lacking all of the aspects of ‘good’ science. If you believe Cannabis is an alternative for chronic pain sufferers then I suggest you develop a hypothesis, conduct at least one study with a control group, and then have your report reviewed by peers who are scientists. The opioid crisis, as it has been labeled, is having severe effects on those who live in pain and have not found an alternative to live their lives. I believe your oath as a doctor says you “will do no harm,” your TV episode does harm. I suggest you look next at chronic pain sufferers and calculate how many die of overdoses. I read that it is only 1%, quite a lot lower than what is reported by ‘the opioid crisis’ movement.

a woman in ireland with a young daughter was refused legal marijuana in ireland, even though when her daughter went to france for treatment, her seizures were greatly diminished .whereas, previously , she could have 30 seizures a day without marijuana in ireland. finally, she received permission to use it from the irish government after a public campaign protesting the refusal .she and her daughter had to go to france for treatment. this was an expensive stay and a hardship, separating them from family. you should be able to find her in google under vera toomey (the mother) ireland.she is a very brave mother.

Jeff Sessions needs to be voted out! He does not listen, has his mind made up, and his campaign probably is paid in some way by opioids. Thank you for your good program about cannabis. So many are in pain and the medical community has not helped a lot. CBD has helped so many.

Dr. Gupta, I have been using the CBD oil for 2 years for pain and it works great. I have a question. Can CBD oil be used for the withdrawal from Valium?

$100 for Grm of oil. Which eventually can use gram a day. who can afford that on disability and ssi. this whole thing is madnesses

They really need to get the Epidiolex in pharmacy I have such bad anxiety and severe chronic pain I need it. I’m in hypertension anxiety disorder everyday bad! N tired of the medication I have to take..I’m Mmj patient. N here disp has messed up looking CANNABIS OIL, but we can’t grow! N my heart is suffering with hypertension is not good, now I got to go to Heart Doctor who will try n push more pills..Cannabis oil cures n cleans arteries out. why this wicked government is hiding CURES is awful..people are waking up # Bigpharma .

Thank you Dr. Gupta for another powerful, informative and objective show! You are making a difference in the lives of so many. It defies logic that cannabis can still be considered a Schedule I drug by the DEA, when Cocaine and Oxycodone are only listed as Schedule II drugs.

While the benefits of medical marijuana are definetly valuable, there is still many challenges that leave users “on their own” as stated in your show. Drug interaction, doses, side effects, etc. That is why selling it in dispensaries will eventually lead to recreational use and the next opium crisis in 10 years from now.

I just watched the show ,it was great. My husband was diagnosed with 3rd stage colon cancer in 2007 and is now 57 and stage 4. Ed has a graph that shows CBD works, Eds tumor marker was over 800 and was started on chemo and the RSO that he was Blessed with by an Earth Angel. It would be great to go public somehow to prove this but we are small. Chemo makes Ed so sick and destroys all quality of life. Please wake up Doctors have told Ed he is a Miracle, Amen, Thank You Jesus. Medical Science gave him several death sentences but CBD ( RSO) Works. Thank you for listening

I have just finished watching the Weed 4 documentary. I saw your first one as well and have continued my interest in your efforts to educate the public and our lawmakers in approving this highly effective plant for medicinal use. I would really like to see more communication and information of the use of it for dementia. Fortunately my family had the courage to try it for my late husband who was afflicted with Alzheimer’s and Lewy Body dementias. He had very extreme behaviors, mood swings, depression and hallucinations. All typical in varying degrees for dementia patients. He was not able to take the standard medications for these medical issues so we went with cannabis tinctures. He was more calm, peaceful, and controlled when on cannabis. I witnessed so many others during the years he was in memory care, of so many being given hideous, black box drugs, none of which were recommended even by the pharmaceuticals producing them. yet given out like candy just to keep dementia patients subdued or asleep. You present in such a positive manner that I think this use would be well accepted through your journalistic work. Parkinson’s is yet another that is beneficial in its use. While these dementias have no cure, I know for a fact that their lives are more peaceful when using cannabis. I did read some time ago that cannabis is used freely in nursing homes and memory care facilities in Israel. Have not seen anything since that original piece. Thank you for your hard work in this area. It is ever so long over due.

Patrick Kennedy and many more always discuss the lack of FDA approval — does everyone realize
Fluoride does not have FDA approval? Risk and harm have been proven at 76 parts per million in mice. And we apply 20,000 to children multiple times per year. Plus huge amounts of fluoride in tea, pickles, prepared foods, water .

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