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radium weed seeds

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When grown in places having temperate climatic conditions, radium weed plants will grow delightfully throughout the year. However, when the plants are grown in places having cold winters and where snowing is common you can grow the plants indoors, under lights.

You can apply the milky sap of radium weed to sunspots for two to four days. To treat sunspots, you do not require plenty of this sap, as only one drop of it on the affected area is sufficient to treat the blemish. Initially, the sunspot will fester and become somewhat ugly looking. Subsequently, you will develop a scab and this will be followed by appearance of fresh pinkish skin. You can apply fresh aloe vera gel on the new skin with a view to facilitate the healing process.

Water the plants frequently and in a proper way, so that the excess water is drained out of the pot. Remember, radium weed is not a “bog plant”. On the other hand, plants of this species grow excellently in light to highly alkaline soils. Soils that are sandier are more suitable for the plants. Although radium weed plant does not require fertilizer for healthy growth, you can provide them with seaweed emulsions from time to time. This will keep the plants happier.

Habitat and cultivation

Pharmaceutical firms have recognized as well as synthesized a number of active constituents of radium weed. Findings of initial studies undertaken to ascertain the efficacy of ingenol mebutate for treating actinic keratosis have shown great potential.

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Radium weed (Euphorbiaceae peplus) thrives best when grown in full sunlight. It also grows well in partial shade. When grown in a shady area, the plant will be relatively taller and have a deeper green hue along with softer branch tissues. On the other hand, plants grown in full sun are sturdier, have a relatively lighter green color and are relatively shorter. However, their sap content is higher compared to the plants grown in shady locations.

Chemical analysis of the latex yielded by radium weed has revealed that it mainly contains diterpenes belonging to the ingenane, pepluane and jatrophane varieties. In fact, pepluane and jatrophane diterpenes do not cause any inflammation, while the ingenane diterpenes are accountable for the irritant as well as other properties of the latex.

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In South East Queensland it grows better through the cooler months, in cooler southern states it will grow through summer.

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Avoid contact with the eyes and internal membranes. The sap is corrosive and will burn sensitive soft tissues.

Radium weed is also known as petty spurge, milkweed and cancer weed. It is a small annual garden weed common throughout Australia. It has branched stems with alternate oval leaves, the yellow flowers are inconspicuous, and the stem when broken oozes a milky corrosive sap. The sap is the useful part of this plant, being used to burn off sun spots

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