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purple kush weed seeds

Capable of thriving both indoors and outdoors, this strain is classified as an easy to moderate growth. Flowering takes an average length of time, and the yields are fantastic. Indoors, this plant can produce up to 400g of dense buds. Outdoors, that number becomes 250g.

Purple Kush is world renowned for its purple leaves and strong smoky taste combined with a very high THC level. The plant is short in stature with dense buds riddled with thin white and orange hairs. Purple Kush is a durable and versatile plant with frosty buds and an earthy, pungent aroma that will take you on a ride outside of your body. It flowers within 8–10 weeks and it can provide you with a high yield. The THC level is extremely high and the effect is a pure indica feeling that will make you come back for more. Not quite narcotic, it has a strong, pleasant buzz which is very relaxing and even couch locking. If you want to chill, then Purple Kush can help you.

Having a unique purple color and buds with orange and white hairs, Purple Kush feminized marijuana has become one of the most iconic strains of our time. One look is all it takes to distinguish this plant from the others. Its scent is distinctly pungent, so there is no mistaking it once a little Purple Kush bud is brought into a room.

Additional Information

The THC content of Purple Kush feminized is amazingly high at over 24%. Unlike most high THC strains, Purple Kush is not highly psychedelic. Instead, this strain will keep you glued to the couch for hours on end while keeping your muscles soothed and relaxed and the mind drifting pleasantly. This is the perfect smoke for those lazy Sundays when you just want to lie down and experience a deep level of calm.

The Purple Kush strain seeds are beloved in the medical cannabis community. It is known for its potency and sweet taste that gives a blissful state of mind and full body relaxation that can be perfect for several mental health concerns. This is a great strain for after dinner or before bedtime use when all the craziness from the day is dying down and it allows you to let go of the tension in the mind and body.

As you let the smoke whirl around in your mouth you are going to feel a rush of this potent THC content. It delivers a journey that starts out as a euphoric cerebral buzz and helps erase any negativity floating around in your head. Simultaneously, you will feel the strong indica roots as it promotes calmness and if you aren’t careful you can feel extremely subdued which will not work if you have work to do or need to be up and about. If you enjoy more than a toke or two be prepared to melt into the couch and be unlikely to be up and at ’em until you’ve had a glorious snooze.

These feminized marijuana seeds are a favorite among growers. They are short and bushy and boast a color of wild berries while their foliage is green and dark purple, hence the name Purple Kush. Once the plant enters full bloom you will be amazed at the resinous, popcorn-like buds. These magnificent Purple Kush strain seeds have been producing mouthwatering, flavorful buds that have been delighting weed connoisseurs since inception.

Medical Application

Looking for something similar to Purple Kush strain seeds? While it sits atop the mountain for potency, if you want similar effects with a lower THC profile be sure to check out Auto Purple Kush. Check out the Purple Kush x Mazar if you want a similar euphoric buzz after toking. If you want something that is similarly easy to grow and provides stress relief then be sure to have a look at the Purple Kush x White Russian strain. The Purple Star Killer will pack a potent THC punch and deliver a similar full body stone while the Hawaii x Purple Skunk.

This strain is resistant to many pests and parasites due to the bitter leaves but will require proper temperature and airflow to thrive. Make sure to keep the temperature between 70-80F for optimal growth. Constant monitoring will help avoid mold and mildew as well. This strain will rarely exceed 3 feet in height and is ideal for a growing set-up that is vertically challenged.

These cannabis seeds will flourish indoors or outdoors and should pose little challenge to experienced growers. If you are a novice grower or a complete newbie, note that the compact and bushy stature can make growing a little more difficult. In order to make things easier on yourself, note that this strain of weed seeds thrives on hydroponics with a Sea of Green setup, which is the theory and method of harvesting lots of small plants, matured early to get the fastest production of buds.

This beautiful strain is admired for its positive qualities and the small list of adverse reactions, or side effects. Some people have found that it can cause dry mouth and dry eyes. Ensure that you have your water bottle with you and carry around your eye drops and you will barely notice these minor hiccups. You will want your water with you anyways to help wash down all the yummy goodies you will be craving.

As the body recuperates from this dosage, hunger pangs come knocking. At this point, you might find yourself shredding the fridge into shreds to fill the rumbling stomach.

Purple Kush seeds are best suited for people with some experience in marijuana cultivation. The versatility of this cannabis strain makes it a nice yield when grown in both indoor and outdoor conditions. When you grow Purple Kush seeds feminized indoors, it yields an average of 1.6 oz/ft² (500 g/m²). On the other hand, when you grow it outdoors, you should expect to harvest 26 oz (800 gr) per plant. With this high yield, the demand for Purple Kush seeds for sale would automatically go up.

The water leaves have the same neon green color, with shades of coral orange, deep purple, or even burgundy. The sugar and water leave combo are partly responsible for the surging demand for Purple Kush marijuana seeds.

Recreational Effects

This was what I picked so I would have something everyone had at least thought they would know or recognize but To our surprise it had a good strong high though most could not take very big tokes because the smoke expansion in the lungs yet they keep coming back for more thanks dutchseeds for quality seeds and strains very dependable.

The high THC levels in Purple Kush seeds for sale have made their demand skyrocket. The flower buds that form after the Purple Kush seeds feminized germinate and pass through the vegetative stage have an incredibly high THC level. On average, the buds harbor between 17 and 27% THC. Only experienced stoners with high tolerance to THC can withstand this strain.

After Purple Kush seeds germinate and plants complete the vegetative stage, you should expect flowering to end 56 days on average in indoor settings.

Third, Purple Kush weed has also proven to effectively manage insomnia, nausea, and eating disorders. A combination of these health benefits partly explains the surge in demand for the best Purple Kush seeds.