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purple haze weed seeds for sale

Purple Haze cannabis seeds are generally more difficult to grow than other weed species. A Purple Haze plant generally gives a good yield. The yield is usually more than with other Haze species. The Purple Haze is also suitable for growing outdoors.

Are you looking for Purple Haze cannabis seeds? Then you have come to the right place at FSO. With us, you can order Purple Haze cannabis seeds simply and inexpensively online. Within a few clicks you have ordered the desired Purple Haze cannabis seeds and they will be delivered to the desired location within 2 working days. Purple Haze cannabis seeds are one of the most popular cannabis seeds in our assortment. A number of advantages Purple Haze cannabis seeds.

The Purple Haze has been very popular in the Netherlands since the 1970s and is perhaps the most famous Haze species in the Netherlands. At most coffee shops, Purple Haze weed is a bestseller. The Purple Haze is named after the legendary song “Purple Haze” by Jimi Hendrix.

Properties Purple Haze

Purple Haze seeds are popular weed seeds. This is mainly because the Haze is quite strong and because the Purple Haze seeds are suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Haze cannabis seeds are generally more difficult to grow than normal cannabis seeds because they need more attention. There are many different types of Haze weed seeds such as Silver Ha ze or Northern Light Haze. People suspect that the Purple Haze was created by crossing a Thai or Colombian Haze strain with an Early Dutch Skunk, as a result of which the flowering time has been reduced to 8 to 10 weeks. The Purple Haze is quite resistant to mould formation. The Purple Haze has a THC content of up to 22% and is therefore a very spicy variety.

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The first Positronics shop was opened in 1985 by Wernard Bruining and was met with overwhelming praise for their selective breeding and cultivation techniques. In 1996, after the Amsterdam shop closed down, the seed bank was divided between the workers and Bruining moved Positronics Seeds to Spain.

Considered pioneers in the development and delivery of early hybrids of cannabis in the early 1980’s, Positronics Seeds are among the most respected breeders in the industry.

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The Purple Haze strain prefers a Meditteranean climate and grows well indoors and outdoors.

The Purple Haze strain contains an abundance of THC.

Negative Effects of Purple Haze Weed:

Once again, the mystery indica in Purple Haze is an unsung hero.

The aroma profile of Purple Haze weed provides endless layers of sweet blueberries, pungent spices, and pure dankness. The flavor profile is more complex and features a taste that’s reminiscent of Gum Drop Grapes. Overall, expect a mouthful of dank berries and earthy spice that you won’t soon forget.

Overall, the Purple Haze plants enjoy a wide temperature range of 68-85°F. As the temperatures drop, the anthocyanins in the buds begin to express a vibrant purple hue and are a must-see.

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