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original seeds store review

Bitcoin and Cash options are available at the checkout to ALL our customers including customers outside the EU.

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The Original Sensible Seed Company Sensible Seeds and Sensible Light Equipment were established in South Wales in 1992. At the time, hybrid seeds and early hydroponic equipment was only available in Amsterdam. We were thrilled by what we saw emerging there and determined to take it back to the UK with us.

Original Seed Store Delivery to USA/World

Paying for your seeds has never been so easy, secure or private. Just another helpful improvement from the Original Sensible.

Bitcoin and Cash payments: Available to ALL customers including Non-EU

By the mid-’90s The Original Sensible Seed Company were extensively included in many Hemp society magazines and papers and boasted thousands of consumers Worldwide from Lords, Ladies and high faluting specialists to the average Joe with some area to grow.

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The original seeds store seed bank is one of the best seed banks that ship to the USA and to all other countries as well.

But after reading a lot of positive reviews from happy customers, it’s safe to say that their seeds have a very high ratio of germination , and you probably won’t have to worry about anything.

The Original Seeds Store Review

They have a great range of cannabis strains with high-quality genetics and strength . If you need seeds in bulk or in personal sizes, this original seeds store seed bank will be an ideal option for you to buy.

This seed bank is one of the most favored best online seed banks for 20 years. People have been buying from them for a long time, and they stick to it because of their quality seeds and good customer support service.

People who smoked weed at that time used to refer to this company as Original Sensible and saw them as legends. They were the pioneers in seed sales.

The seeds are under germination now so unless something is really wrong with the seeds Im a happy costumer!
Overall a really good experience!

Quick delivery, havent used yet will update later


guest United States, March 2018

Ordered from them the 28/5 got delivery to Sweden today 1/6 (4 days, thats fast!) forgotten to add my free seeds at checkout. Sent a support message telling them I forgotten to add them, they replied fast and added the free seeds manually!
Payed with BTC that went smoth and chose the stelth option. And I cant complain about the stelth, the seeds was wrapped in a bandanna nice and discrete!

The seeds are really fresh, 100% germination rate. right now i have 3 DNA genetics 60 day lemon, 1 royal cheese auto, 1 chronic thunder and 1 original cheese. all of then are going very well.

Got some extra seeds in my pack (excluding the free ones), maybe cus it was a bulk size :DOverall a really good experience!

Well I gave these dirt bags months to make it right, but, after they had no problem charging my card for $192.00 . my order status from march 22 untill early May, said:prosessing order (for a month and a half) then in May , my order status said:Cancelled!? I then e-mailed them and their response was that they were going to have my money put back on my card , but, it could take as long as 90 days . ( I s#!# you not)!! And they said"" is there anything else we can help you with?) WOW. After emailing thoes bastard thieves 100s of times ..their response were the same. I told them to make it right somehow! Just send me some gear $192.00 they owe me but, i said just at least do somthing for screwing me out of almost $200.00 THESE BASTARDS ARE THIEVES. BELIEVE ME THEY STOLE MY HARD EARNED MONEY RAN MY CARD FOR 192.00 IN MARCH 2017 ITS NOW JANUARY 2018.I am more than reasonable and patient. OriginalSensiableSeeds RIPPED ME OFF!! PUNK LIERS. JUST TO LET YOU ALL KNOW. ReBoMaN