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organic weed seeds

Starting off your growing operation with healthy living soil will help you avoid potential nutritional deficiencies, pest issues, and plant pathogens further down the line. Contrary to popular belief, plants don’t just suck up nutrients straight from the soil.

Growing cannabis organically means cultivating the herb as nature intended. Native cannabis strains—or landraces—thrive in the wild all over the world. This goes to show that high-quality soil and biodiversity are all it takes to support the growth of thriving plants.

Nematodes and protozoa—the next step up in the soil food web—eat some of these microbes. It just so happens that bacteria and fungi are very efficient at breaking down organic matter and storing the nutrients locked up inside.


Fungi: Fungi produce net-like structures (mycelium) that give the soil shape and keep it from crumbling or washing away. Beneficial “mycorrhizal” fungi also link up with plant root systems to improve nutrient uptake.

But plants don’t just make food through this interplay. The organisms they attract also help to shape the soil and keep it in optimal condition for healthy growth. Check out some of the most important soil food web lifeforms below:

Much like alchemy, organic cannabis cultivation involves turning low-value or waste products into high-value resources. Not only does growing cannabis organically result in incredible harvests, but it benefits our gardens and the environment, too.

High-quality organic cannabis depends on one major factor: soil health. The last few decades have seen growers apply one nutrient for one problem—somewhat of a reductionist view. More recently, advancements in soil science have shown us that cannabis plants rely on a complex interplay within the soil—the soil food web—to stay healthy and thrive.

We understand the need to keep costs low while maintaining a high quality of standard. We at Kingdom Organic Seeds are determined to keep the cost of our seeds at an affordable price, especially now in these unaffordable markets the cannabis industry is creating for smaller growers

We stand for nothing less then to provide the Highest Quality Organic Seeds possible. By ensuring the organic quality of our soil using our trademarked True Living Organics methods we ensure the seeds we provide have the best chance for a successful bountiful harvest

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Once you have chosen your strains, it helps to know a thing or two about gardening. If you are not a natural green-thumber, don’t worry, there are endless resources available to you and, hopefully some of our advice can help along the way. For those who are already hip to horticulture, we hope you are enjoying your experiences while parenting your medicinal crop.

If you want to know how to grow good weed from regular seeds, you have to know about the environment. Ganja grows all over the world, so it fits that different weeds have different climatic needs and to know your strain’s individual requirements will get you that much closer to winning whopping yields.

Overall, there are many more benefits to regular seeds than there are bombs and to grow them can be quite an enriching experience.

Grow Regular Marijuana Seeds For Breeding Purposes

If you are planning on keeping the males you find, or are into breeding, it is necessary to have separate rooms, so that you don’t accidentally go pollinating your bud crop. If you only want the buds, then it is crucial that you remove males as soon as you can possibly sex them, in order to maintain an unfertilized crop.

Like we say, outdoor grows will always see pests and disease, but in the wild, there are systems in place so that these issues generally balance out. Inside, however, we are the masters and, if we have allowed a pest situation to develop in our home, tent or commercial space, we are the only ones around to do anything about it.

The benefits of regular weed seeds are many and growing them can be a truly fun and rewarding experience.

Firstly, these seeds are pure. Though many phenotypes of many strains exist today, regular seeds will sprout a plant sporting characteristics closer to those intended than any modified seed.