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How long does it take to grow weed outdoors?

If this is your first time growing marijuana, that’s all the more reason to start out with a single plant. If you focus all your efforts on growing this one plant, it’ll grow bigger than if you were dividing your time between two or more plants (let alone a whole garden). The ideal way to get used to growing weed is to start with one plant. Then, learn your way around how it all works, and expand after that (if you want to).

Studies show that the act of tending to plants reduces stress and other mental health issues, so it just makes sense to do a bit of gardening. If you don’t have the space or time to get a “real” garden going outside, growing a single plant indoors (or even outdoors) with a Pot for Pot’s kit is the next best thing. You’ll have something to focus on and care for every day, and you’ll get to experience the delightful health benefits that come with tending to plants. One plant means you won’t have to focus as much time and energy on it, making it perfect for people who are busy with work and life but still want to experience those mental health benefits.

Mental health and plants

There’s a reason marijuana is called weed – it grows like one! You could pop a seed in the ground just about anywhere, and your plant is going to find a way to grow. Obviously, babying it a little bit is more likely to get you a better yield at the end. This is why a Pot for Pot’s Complete Kit is ideal for most home marijuana growers. It has everything you need to grow your plant from its earliest days.

There’s something about focusing all your efforts on a single, individual plant that makes it even more fun than growing multiple at once. For one thing, you won’t have the stress of taking care of multiple plants at once. You also won’t have to worry about your female plants getting pollinated by the male plants. This makes it simple and fun: you’ve got your baby to take care of, and that’s it. You can make sure that one plant gets all the care in the world – and that will lead to higher yields in the end as well.

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If you do decide to grow your plant organically, you’re going to save even more money. Organic growing can get super expensive, but with a single plant, it remains highly affordable. It also lets you test out different growing techniques (including but not limited to organic growing) at a reasonable price before fully committing to it later. Some growers who even want to have a bigger growing operation will do this because otherwise, they will waste a bunch of time, money, and resources on a growing technique that they might not even like in the end.

As far as strain suggestions, unfortunately no, I don’t know what you should run to get the Biggest yield for your space but I do have a nice way to Ballpark it.

In a perfect world I would have the whole house blown up. I live in a land of limitations, and I’m grateful I have what I have to work with. I have space, leo, wife issues.

Any strain suggestions. Maybe a nice 60/40 producer leaning towards "smart" not "coma".


If you are going to buy a new light and can fan, might as well spend the extra $100 and get another 4×4 tent. That would increase your yield!

I’m running a 1k in a 4×4 and a Vortec 6" Can (Temps 66-71night – 76-79day)with 7 flowering right now. I’m gonna suffer a bit on yield due to overcrowding but I expect to pull at least a pound out of the mixed strains together.

I’m running a 1k in a 4×4 and a Vortec 6" Can (Temps 66-71night – 76-79day)with 7 flowering right now. I’m gonna suffer a bit on yield due to overcrowding but I expect to pull at least a pound out of the mixed strains together.

Thats awsome. 30 oz on a plant. im not saying it isnt gonna happen. but i damd sure would love to see pics of that. so i can follow that plan to a t.

I plan on getting involved in the medical community,but am going to hit the ground running and am wondering if there is anyone out there that has done this? I know there are many factors that go into this:

At first, I plan on using a soil or soiless mix(maybe a 50/50) ina 30 gallon pot during flowering,each plant under a 1000w light,possibly using both organic and synthetic nutes(not both on one plant). ive never even used 1000w hps’s,only 600w and actually grow 9 plants under 1 600w(i know,it sounds like a lot),so i dont know what to expect. also any info or advice on growing a small number of Humongous plants would be greathelp. Thanks to all!


LOL, hard to answer this, so much goes into the grow.

If I understand, you’re gonna grow 1 plant per light in a 30gal pot. WOW, that should do the trick! You say humongous, I can just about bet lol!! Will watch.

Yual grows enough to fill pouch or two ifin nothin goes wrong. Good luck pilgrem