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noxious weed seed

A complete list of the prohibited and restricted noxious weed seeds covered by Regulation 715 follows:

Michigan law regulates the sale, advertising, or transport of certain noxious weeds. Noxious weed seeds are generally considered to be serious nuisances or economically detrimental and are divided into two categories. Prohibited noxious weed seed cannot be sold or transported in the state. Restricted noxious weed seeds are only permitted when strict limits on the percentage or number of such seeds found in any lot of seed are observed.

The number of restricted noxious weed seeds that may be found in any particular lot of seed is limited to 1 seed of any or all of the restricted noxious weed seeds to 2,000 seeds of the seed sold, offered, exposed, or transported for sale, except that for buckhorn and yellow rocket, the limit shall be 1 seed to 1,000 seeds of the seed sold, offered, exposed, or transported for sale.

The various Acts and Regulations that pertain to the sale or transport of seed consisting of or containing noxious weeds are summarized below:

If present in a lesser ratio, the seed consisting of or containing the restricted noxious weeds may be sold, provided that the name of the restricted noxious weed(s) must be named on the tag together with the number of the restricted weed seeds per pound, unless they are buckhorn or yellow rocket. If the restricted noxious weeds are either of these, they need not be shown on the tag unless they exceed 90 seeds per pound.

The following is a federal statute defining the term “noxious weeds” and such seeds:

1. It is present in a state ecosystem, but not native to that state ecosystem.

(iii) by the rules and regulations of the Secretary of Agriculture under this Act [7 USCS §§ 1551 et seq.], when after investigation he shall determine that a weed is noxious in the United States or in any specifically designated area thereof. (7 USCS § 1561)

(ii) by the law or rules and regulations of Puerto Rico, Guam, or the District of Columbia, into which transported, or District of Columbia in which sold; or

In accordance with the Federal Noxious Weed Act of 1974, as amended (7 U.S.C. 2801 et seq.), the U.S. government has designated certain plants as noxious weeds. Certain weeds are recognized as noxious weed in the United States. A few do not occur in the U.S., but occur on state or federal noxious weed lists to emphasize their potential to invade and degrade landscapes.

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3. The management and eradication of the weed is feasible both economically and physically.

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USDA has released an updated version of the State Noxious Weed Seed Requirements recognized in the administration of the Federal Seed Act. For the first time, the list is offered in a spreadsheet format. A PDF format can be found here.

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