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mercury bay weed seeds

Once plants are established, a deep and infrequent watering is necessary. It is best to allow the plants to dry out slightly between watering.

Seed should be lightly scattered over the loosened soil bed and watered until wet but not soggy. Depending on how sunny the planting area is, seeds may need to be watered a few times a day until they begin to sprout. Covering the seeds with a light layer of peat moss helps with moisture retention.

If using as a lawn alternative, the dichondra can be mowed to a suitable height. Most people find that mowing to around 1 ½ inches (4 cm.) in the summer is best and requires cutting every two weeks.

How to Grow Dichondra

Dichondra (Dichondra repens) is a perennial groundcover plant (in USDA zones 7-11) that has a somewhat upright, creeping habit with circular leaves. It is not usually over 2 inches (5 cm.) in height and retains its bright green color in temperatures as low as 25 degrees F. (-3 C.). When this groundcover becomes full, it appears as a dense, carpet-like grass and is often planted in places where other turf-type grass does not grow well.

In some places dichondra, a low growing plant and member of the morning glory family, is seen as a weed. In other places, however, it is valued as an attractive groundcover or even a substitute for a small lawn area. Let’s find out more about how to grow dichondra groundcover.

Provide ½ to 1 pound (227-454 g.) of nitrogen per month during the growing season for a healthy cover.

Proper preparation of the seedbed is essential to growing dichondra plants. A weed free raked area is best. Dichondra prefers loose, clod-free, and well-drained soil in partial shade to full sun.

3. Dichondra brevifiola Buchanan: This groundcover is easy to grow from seed or root pieces. It fares better than mercury bay weed as a lawn cover. It tolerates poorly drained, but fertile soil, and it grows in full sun.

2. Mercury Bay weed

4. Fragrant Thyme: In New Zealand, you have many choices of thyme to choose from as a ground cover for your lawn. White thyme, for instance, is a great creeper. It stays low to the ground, doesn’t require a lot of mowing and gives you fragrant white blossoms that leave off their oils when mowed or stepped on.

Do you wish you could turn your lawn into a low-maintenance haven where you hardly need to mow it?

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How about a garden where you don’t have to fight against weeds?

5. Corsican Mint: An excellent ground cover, Corsican mint has tiny leaves. It grows well as a lawn substitute. It likes well-drained soils and sunshine. And when you mow it or walk over it, you’re treated to a minty scent.

Some ground covers also have small blossoms or oils that when stepped on release a heady fragrance.

Dichondra (Dichondra Repens) – This is a perennial ground cover plant which has a prostrate or creeping growth habit with circular leaves and entire margins that is grown from Dichondra seed. It grows very close to the ground, (usually not over 2 inches tall) and is a warm season fast growing ground cover. It is adapted to warmer climates, but will retain its striking green color during winter temperatures as low as 20 – 25 degrees Farenheit with only slight leaf browning. Dichondra has broad, almost circular leaves (looks similar to clover) and when mowed low establishes a thick dense carpet look. Dichondra is now used in many ground cover situations where normal grasses may not do as well. It has a bright green color and a very good feel underfoot.

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