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“I always had a deep, loving relationship with cannabis,” says Iny. “I found that many of the amazing women I worked with did too, but I felt like the cannabis space and the branding around it is so masculine by nature. There was a lack of polish on both the consumer and professional side of the industry. I had always wanted to showcase the beauty of cannabis flower in a new way, I just never knew how to make the concept viable and legal.”

More than a consistent style of arrangement or flower variety, the creation and the consumption are what make a Lovepot bouquet. Through the partnerships with farms, florists and designers, Iny hopes to spotlight other women doing interesting, meaningful things in the cannabis space. Customers can customize colors and themes to fit a particular occasion, and so far, they seem enthusiastic about this new way to send love and calm from afar.

“It was 4/2/2020,” recalls Iny. “I was stoned, and it hit me: I could create these arrangements out of hemp to avoid the headaches associated with THC. The pandemic created this opportunity to innovate how we give gifts, and there are very little gift businesses created for this market that are also able to be shipped nationwide. I phoned my childhood friend, Jessica Marshall, who had an established flower business in Las Vegas, and Lovepot was born.”

“No one had ever requested this of them,” explains Iny. “Most licensed hemp growers are growing with the intention to create biomass (for oil or cosmetics) or industrial hemp products. We needed to find someone who was not only growing beautiful, boutique, licensed, smokable CBD flower, but we needed it to pass testing.”

Lovepot officially launched in Las Vegas on September 18th, and rolled out Los Angeles fresh delivery one month later. Fresh flower bouquets are only available for delivery in those two cities for now, but dried arrangements can be shipped nationwide. Smokable hemp buds included in all. And there’s much more to come. As Iny puts it, “Lovepot hasn’t even began to scratch the surface of using and sending pot in loving ways.”

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If you've made it past the Estate of the Urn Witch, you'll probably have noticed a rather strange-looking grid that features a number of pots in the Garden of Love – a relatively easy-to-find Garden that's found southwest of the Urn Witch's Manor.

So you're probably wondering, how do you solve the pot puzzle? Well, firstly, you'll need to obtain a Shiny Thing collectible called the Old Photograph, as inspecting the photo will reveal a hidden diagram that provides the solution to the puzzle. While you don't technically need to collect the photograph, as we've supplied it below, you will need to obtain it if you're going for 100% completion.

How to Find the Old Photograph to Reveal the Pot Puzzle Solution

To solve the Garden of Love puzzle, you will need to break several pots spread across a 5×5 grid in a specific order. If you're successful, you'll unlock a hidden path that leads to Pothead's Secret Garden, where you'll find the Rusty Garden Trowel – a useful Shiny Thing that glows in the moonlight when you're near a Life.

Already found the Old Photograph needed to solve the pot puzzle or want to skip straight to our solution requiring no Old Photograph? Click the links below to jump to.

This page is part of IGN's Death's Door Wiki guide and details everything you need to know about solving the Garden of Love pot puzzle that leads you to Pothead's secret garden!