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lambsbread weed seeds

Here you can find all info about Lambsbread from Yardie Seeds. If you are searching for information about Lambsbread from Yardie Seeds, check out our Basic Infos, Strain Reviews, Lineage / Genealogy or User Comments for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information – or list all Lambsbread Strains (10) to find a different version. If you have any personal experiences with growing or consuming this cannabis variety, please use the upload links to add them to the database!

Lambsbread is a sativa variety from Yardie Seeds and can be cultivated indoors and outdoors . Yardie Seeds’ Lambsbread is a THC dominant variety and is/was only available as feminized seeds.

Basic / Breeders Info

Jamaican lambsbread is probably Jamaican most famous weed talked about and smoked by Bob Marley and said to be his favorite smoke. There is lots of controversy about Lambsbread in the community if it’s lambsbreath or lambsbread or if they are 2 different things and how it got it’s name, if the truth be said no one really knows.

High: a very sociable high and relaxing light buzz.
Flowering indoor: 7 – 8 weeks
Yield : 400 gr. m2 (USA) 1.4 Oz. Sq ft.
Flowering: Northern October / Southern April
Genetics: Jamaican Sativa
THC: 14% +

Cannabis comes in a wide array of strains, effects, and of course, health-related benefits. However, the popularity of these strains, consumed and loved by some celebrities and cannabis enthusiasts past and present. Like the Snoop Dog OG, the Lambsbread has its roots tied to the King of Reggae (Bob Marley). To him, the Lambsbread strain is as cliche as it seems, and when smoked, the strain reveals its real self. Widely regarded as the Lambsbread, this strain l is rich in both the THC and CBD. The Lambsbread comes with a little of 1% CBD and between 16-21% of THC. Unlike other strains, the Lambsbread’s aroma is cheesy and grassy, whose aroma comes with sharp overtones of cheese and hash on the tongue. Amongst other things, its nugs are large and golden-green sandwiched with a touch of red hairs and crystalline trichomes.

Irrespective of its many names (Lamb’s Bread, Lamb’s Breath, or Lambsbread), associated with this amazing strain, its psychoactive effects remain the same. This is evident considering it leaves its users uplifted, euphoric, calm, and boosts their moods. All of which is felt first hand just after a few puffs and can last for a couple of hours.

Lambs Bread Effects

Amongst other things, it should be worthy to note that the stimulation provided by the use of this strain has the knack of increasing appetite, digestion, and energy for its users. Making it an ideal strain for persons suffering from fatigue. The Lambsbread requires an 8 weeks (or early October) flowering period and cultivated both indoors and outdoors. Also, your ability to obtain a bountiful harvest when cultivated either indoors or outdoors is dependent on certain factors. With the most important being soil and training. The plants of the Lambsbread strain are, compact, making it ideal for a person who prefers indoor cultivation.

Like its amazing effects comes the health-related benefits associated with this Bob Marley inspired strain. The strain helps patients suffering from depression, ADHD, stress, bipolar, and mild anxiety. However, users of this strain should know that consuming too much has the knack of agitating severe anxiety. Making it not ideal for persons suffering from PTSD.

Idolized by many across the world, thanks to its links to the reggae legend (Bob Marley), this strain (Lambsbread) rather according to research brings laughter, and fun. To the people of Kingston, Jamaica this isn’t just a strain but it is a way of life.

Another point worth mentioning is that Lamb’s Bread is a camper’s favorite as it offers opportunities for positive introspection. What’s better than getting out in nature and having a think about life and your ambitions? With Lamb’s Bread by your side on a camping trip, you and your friends will be able to have lively conversations about the future and your personal journey. Lamb’s Bread opens up the mind and allows you to think inwardly. It may be a good idea to keep a journal nearby while smoking this stain. You just never know what amazing thoughts you’ll jot down in the moment!

Lamb’s Bread is a favorite amongst patients with mental disorders for its fast-acting relaxation. It also welcomes opportunities for positive introspection.


Lamb’s Bread is best recognized for its bright green color and sticky feeling. Anyone who handles this strain may find that it’s slightly harder to grind into powder because of its sticky texture — but that shouldn’t turn you off from its uplifting properties. The effects of Lamb’s Bread marijuana seeds, also known as Lamb’s Breath, spark tons of energy in consumers. If you’re looking for looking for a pep in your step to start the day, consider Lamb’s Bread before driving off to work or leaving the house.

Additionally, Lamb’s Bread marijuana seeds provide maximum and fast-acting relaxation. It takes no time at all for your stress and worries to melt away, making this strain a favorite amongst patients with mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. There’s no waiting around for Lamb’s Bread to work. You’ll feel the sensations right away.