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The Seed bank providing Stealth and discrete shipping options is the best pick for you. In general, newbie growers should choose seed banks that offer discreet packaging and shipping to keep their orders safe.

Choose a seed bank that has a large seed collection with a wide variety of cannabis strains. From there, growers can choose the cannabis strain that suits their budget, level and preferences. The larger the seed collection, the more options you will have.

We will reiterate again, Amazon does not currently allow retailers to sell cannabis seeds on this marketplace, but they may allow this in the future. And if you want to buy cannabis seeds online, don’t take the time to search for them on Amazon. Instead, online seed banks are the ideal choice.

#2 Providing Stealth and discrete shipping options

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As we mentioned, although we don’t sell cannabis seeds, Amazon has a lot of things for growers serving their crops. These items include growing supplies, fertilizers, organics, hemp products, cannabis-related food and drinks, and more.

In addition, we will also put seed banks with loyalty programs on our priority list. Such programs will often help you accumulate points through purchases, these points can be converted into money to discount on subsequent orders.

A seed bank with a quick turnaround time will help growers quickly resolve order-related issues in the shortest possible time. There are many cases where customers cannot process their orders within the time allowed by the seed bank because it takes too long to deliver.

Amazon Gold is incospicuous and does not branch too much, making her ideal for confined gardens such as balconies, or for sea of green farming. Amazon Gold is a 60/40 Hybrid is quite Indica in appearance, reaching only 2-3 feet when flowering in induced at 1 foot. Amazon Gold Outdoor plants usually reach a petite 4-5 feet at full maturity. For the best THC levels, indoor cultivation is recommended as she grows only to 2-3 feet in height and has minimal branching – ideal for tight places. Amazon Gold marijuana is potent, with THC levels of 20%. Amazon Gold marijuana Prefers hydroponics for the strongest yields and the most solid colas.


Order your genuine marijuana & cannabis seeds safely, shipped discreetly Worldwide (USA Included). We recommend buying your marijuana & cannabis seeds from these trusted suppliers

Marijuana seeds can be found for sale by a number of online scammers. Please be careful. Bookmark this page for your future buying reference. Legal to buy.


These suppliers are established seed breeders and seed banks. The quality products and services delivered from these vendors has been proven time and again. Please read our Seed Buying Tips if this is your first purchase of this type online.

A portion of EVERY sale made through weeds that please goes directly to supporting the legalization of this God-given plant in EVERY State.