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You can now order seeds via our website at anytime and over the phone from Monday to Friday 9am t

Kings have been following that process for over a hundred years. On our farm of some 300 acres, we have been selecting and maintaining seed stocks longer than most. We are now unique in that Kings is the last surviving wholesale horticultural seed merchant in the country.

Essex has been the centre of English seed production for many centuries. Its climate and rainfall are ideal for raising plants and taking them through the growing cycle to obtain the highest quality of seed.

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Delivery can take up to 14-21 working days.

Although some agreement has been reached between the UK and EU regarding import/export requiremen

Individual and Life Members – Complete the green order form and return with payment. Please remember to include postage. If your order contains seeds or sundries and fruit or potatoes your total postage will be £5.50.

CLICK HERE to download a guide for seed secretaries to set up an on-line account.

Please make any specific delivery details clear on the order forms. Delivery is made during the working day. Please provide an alternative address if this could cause a problem.

Ordering by Post

Individual packing for association affiliates £1.30

National Society of Allotment & Leisure Gardeners Ltd

Society Orders – Simply collect all the green order forms and payment from your members, collate the data and enter on the summary sheet. Send all the forms along with the top three copies of the summary sheet and payment to Kings. Please include the £1.30 per head fee for individual packing.

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29 Mar 2021 Kings 2021 Catalogue – Out Now.

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