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king of the crop

Crop insurance policies are tools that can help farmers. How can a crop insurance policy help you?

As a farmer, you know better than anyone that experience counts. King Crop Insurance has been servicing farmers on Delmarva for over 40 years. We understand the major risks you face and we can help minimize your financial risk by providing comprehensive crop insurance services. Our focus is and always has been exclusively the farming community.

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Serving Delaware and Maryland Farmers

The federal crop insurance program began in 1938 when Congress authorized the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation. The current program which is administered by the USDA’s Risk Management Agency (RMA), provides producers with risk management tools to address crop yield and/or revenue losses on their farms. In purchasing a policy, a producer growing an insurable crop selects a level of coverage and pays a portion of the premium – or none of it in the case of catastrophic coverage – which increases as the level of coverage rises. The federal government pays the rest of the premium (averaging nearly 60% of the total). Insurance policies are sold and completely serviced through 15 approved private insurance companies. The insurance companies’ losses are reinsured by USDA. Major crops are covered in most counties where they are grown. Most crop insurance policies are either yield-based or revenue-based. For yield-based policies, a producer can receive an indemnity if there is a yield loss relative to the farmer’s “normal” (historical) yield. Revenue-based policies protect against crop revenue loss resulting from declines in yield, price, or both. The most recent addition has been insurance products that protect against losses in whole farm revenue rather than just for an individual crop.

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What’s the royal attire? I have a robe and a crown. That may sound kind of ordinary, but you should see this robe—it’s a beautiful work of art. It’s a stitched representation of citrus fruit, really detailed. It’s been passed down I don’t know how many years. A team of sisters custom-makes the crown for each king.

So is it good to be king? It’s a real honor. I’ve enjoyed it a lot. You serve as an ambassador for the citrus industry and represent the Texas Citrus Fiesta association at other state festivals.

What experience do you need? You must be in the citrus business, first of all, and be a pillar in the community. At the festivals you attend, you sit on a real nice float. It’s loaded up with pretty girls and you smile and wave. I hadn’t done much of that before, but it’s easy to get used to.

The Royal Coronation, one of the most anticipated events of the festival, takes place on January 27. Among those honored will be the new King Citrus, whose identity is top secret until the night of the ceremony. Jud Flowers, 2004’s king, shares his secrets for reigning with zest.

Spit it out. Who’s the new king? A society of ex-kings nominates the new king, and I’m part of that tradition this year. But the only thing anyone else can know before the coronation are his height, weight, and hat and shoe sizes. KATHARYN RODEMANN

If me try to reach the top
Dem wan see Yellowman drop
and if Yellow don’t try at all
Whole a dem say dat me a slip and a ball
ca Yellowman chat it afterall
By Saint Peter by Saint Paul

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Jah light come shining bright / it gwaan no fuss and it gwaan no fight
Jah rain come falling down / I don’t want you fire with your knife and a your gun
Ca tell you Yellowman Jah know him na go run
Ca when you going run until you tumble down

Me no like certain song (or sound) where dem a block

far and wide Jah is me guide (x2)
Say high or low Jah tell me so
What is this say I don’t know (x2)
Why nigger people bad-minded so (x2)

When me take up the mic me started to chat
Me chat the culture me naw go chat no slack
But tell you Yellowman him a de king of the crop
Some underneath Yellowman pon top
tell you Yellowman him a de king of the crop
Lord watch the crowd a people dem just a rock