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i49 canada

They source all their marijuana seeds from their official set of high-quality breeders only. Therefore, no matter what you order, you are going to get the best only.

The company uses clever ways to pack marijuana seeds in random objects to prevent prying eyes from confiscating the order.

3. True North Seed Bank Review – Good for Growers in Canada

You will have a wide variety of payment options upon ordering. You can pay with email transfer, bitcoin, and money orders.

Their aim is to provide the highest quality marijuana seeds to all the customers along with exceptional and friendly customer service and faster delivery timings.

You can get marijuana seeds in packs of 2 seeds, 5 seeds, or 10 seeds.

i49 are operating fraudulently BEWARE! I was lucky enough to get my money back
Do NOT use anyone who does not take major credit cards

I suppose they didn’t pay the $$ bribe to be put on this “best of” list lol. They let their products speak for themselves. Look @ the thousands if positive reviews/feedback/grows all over the web!

They are a very scammy company and it’s been confirmed dozens and dozens of times on the various forums. They selectively scam, as well as swap beans with cheaper ones unless you specifically demand the breeders pack (lots of times they ignore that request, even though they say they will do it for you). They have a track record of sending beans that have totally dried out (super old stock) and if you complain they won’t germ – they say “sorry, they’re souvenirs only so we can’t help you”.

#17 Attitude Seed Bank – Fastest and discreet shipping with great customer service

Wonder what kind of kick back you get from crop king?
TNSB is incredibly reputable. I’ve done business with them multiple times.
Can’t find a better selection in Canada.

Aside from the certified good quality of its products, they also promise to go the extra mile of making a special order for you in case what you’re looking for is not available in their current varieties. Another differentiating factor of Vancouver Seed Bank is its 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. They will give a full refund if you are not happy with what you ordered. They even offer to exchange the seeds for free in the case at least 80% of their seeds don’t germinate and to send a new order (also for free!) in case the first one was misplaced or simply did not reach you.

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Or GTASEEDBANK – they’re really good too! Crop King is a joke; the genetics aren’t authentic. Dr. Greenthumb is legit and sells legit rare strains but he’ll rake you over the coals for $…. pretty big ripoff (but legit). BCBudDepot are both scammers and crooks (do your research!). True North = selective scammers (see my other post).
This is a really sad list. Either zero actual legwork was involved, or the companies paid to be on the list lol.

Amazing company to work with , the germination rate so far is at 97% .. Will purchase again..

More fake reviews for another fake seed bank. I get a notification about reviewing this place and I didn't even know it was here on TP too. These guys all from Canada and they buy all there seeds from the UK and have some fools in the us sending out there seeds to make it look like they are us based. They are shady as ever. Dot waste your time reading these other fake reviews

Great price, fast delivery, awesome quality. Will shop here again and again.

Amazing company to work with