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However, potency in autoflowering varieties has increased significantly since their initial introduction, with some breeders crossbreeding the low-THC ruderalis with other more potent varieties.

Cannabis is grown from one of two sources: a seed or a clone. Seeds carry genetic information from two parent plants and can express many different combinations of traits: some from the mother, some from the father, and some traits from both.

Climate considerations

Seeds found in finished cannabis buds can develop for a number of reasons. For example, a male plant may have accidentally pollinated a flowering female during the growing process. But more commonly, they’re a sign of stress and can be attributed to high temperatures during the final stages of flowering or an exaggerated spike in climate or environment.

A lot of classic weed strains that have been around for a while come in feminized form. Some popular fem seeds are:

Take four sheets of paper towels and soak them with distilled water. The towels should be soaked but shouldn’t have excess water running off.

There I was, stuck inside, with a completely different Eric. It was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. High. (Except the reverse. Whatever, it isn’t the BEST analogy, but you get the point.) I’d only known Mr. High: He was goofy, sleepy, forgetful and lazy. Most of our days began with a breakfast-at-noon pizza followed by a delivery of burgers and fries soon after. Eric logs into his Seamless app and a parade of delivery men ensue. I rolled into the living room at noon, expecting a meat lovers pizza to greet me, but instead, Eric was there, eating some eggs he’d scrambled. “Oh, I was up and hungry. Figured you could find your own food.” I was shocked he knew where the frying pan even was. Or the stove. Or knew how to scramble eggs. Yes, I could find my own food, but I was dating him, so I didn’t have to!

Ever since I’ve known Eric, he’s been stoned. I can’t picture Eric without a joint in his hand, a bong in his lap, or a bowl in his mouth. That’s my loving boyfriend, the stoner! Things were going great in the relationship–we lived together, his marijuana blog was really blowing up, and an engagement was pending. But then, it happened. They called it “the worst snowstorm to hit New York City since that last really bad one that we called the worst.” The streets were closed. We were trapped in our apartment. And Eric ran out of weed.

The snow kept coming, Eric kept talking, and I was on the verge of having a nervous breakdown. Every time he spoke, I felt like spiders were biting me: a slow torture. He wouldn’t sit still. He grabbed the vacuum and started aggressively pushing it back and forth across the floor. I was about to explode. I finally understood all those women on “Snapped.” I full-on hated Eric. But then, something amazing happened.

Here’s a scenario: You’re in your first yoga class ever and you accidentally reveal that…

My patience was getting real thin as the day wore on. I’d never had to take Eric, fully conscious, for more than about an hour. He spent most of his days sleeping and now that I think about it, most of his nights too. I literally couldn’t take his awakeness. I texted every weed dealer I knew and no one would trudge through the snow to save me. So, I tried turning on the television to distract him. I put on our favorite movie: Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. He asked if we could instead watch An Inconvenient Truth. “Are you kidding me?” I asked. “You love Harold & Kumar! What about the scene where those two hot girls play Battleshits?! That makes us laugh our asses off.” And you know what Eric said? “Farting isn’t that funny, it’s kind of gross.” Gross!? Who was this nightmare?!

Marijuana buds are higher in THC than other parts of the plant and are sold at a premium. As marijuana has been increasingly bred to produce more buds, you may find this type of marijuana in your home. It is probably much more potent than the average street-grade weed.

If you look closely at a marijuana bud, you will see the fine “hairs” and leaves that make up the bud after it is dried.

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Forty-four percent of all students have tried weed by 12th grade according to the National Institutes of Health.   That means that your child probably has friends who are smoking marijuana or at least know someone who is.

First of all, don’t over-react. Before you force your child into a professional drug treatment program that you may not be able to afford and they may not even need, take a step back and try to evaluate the situation.