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how to use weed seed for hair growth

Stress isn’t good for your health, period. And it can also wreak havoc on your hair. Frayed nerves not only make you feel like pulling your hair out, it can cause actual hair loss as well. Cannabis is a well-known stress-reliever, and can help many people experience a more restful night’s sleep.

Apply cannabis oil directly to your hair as a topical and your follicles will soak up an all-natural formula filled with beneficial proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids including omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9. In addition to feeding and moisturising your hair, you’ll stimulate hair growth as you massage the cannabis oil into your scalp. As you work your scalp with your fingertips, blood flow to the scalp increases.

For eons, hucksters sold various potions that promised healthier hair for a price. Today, not much has changed, except the iconic snake-oil salesman has been replaced by the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. But, could cannabis hold the secret to healthy, fast-growing hair?


Here’s how cannabis could help your hair grow healthier.

It’s impossible to have healthy hair without a healthy scalp. Cannabis oil can help here too. As you massage it into your scalp, it can help calm inflammation [1] and irritation, stimulate blood flow, and moisturise the skin to help with a multitude of problems including dryness, itchy skin, acne, fungal infections, and dandruff. It may even help improve psoriasis and dermatitis in some cases.

For a stronger formula, purchase cannabis-infused hair care products from a dispensary or speciality store, or make your own. Most basic cannabis oils can be massaged directly into your hair and scalp as long as they were made with a hair-friendly carrier oil. Cannabis oils made with hemp seed oil, argan oil, or olive oil are preferable to those made with butter or coconut oil.

Together, the nutrients and the massaging action boosts new hair growth, strengthens existing follicles, and prevents damaged strands from breaking.

CANNABIS OIL is a naturally produced oil and it has cured numerous diseases. Which is possible because cannabis works through the endocannabinoid system, the super regulatory system of man that is in charge of maintaining homeostasis in the other body system.

The rate of depression among lots is increasing and it is like we have all decided not to notice it. A chemical compound endocannabinoid found in cannabis can help in treating depression by stabilizing the moods of people.

Substances in Hemp oil are not of the same amounts as found in its plants, made up of fatty acids and nutrients that are beneficial to the body system and other chemicals that help in the stimulation of hair growth in any part of the body.

So in What way will Weed help in Beard Growth?

Now that we have looked into the PROS AND CONS of smoking weed, should one go on with it? No, you should not but we have weed in other form and that is CANNABIS OIL.

If you can get this oil, apply it in the proportion to the area where you want to grow hair, and also doing it consistently will make it easy for you to grow a full-blown beard.

Do this in the morning and evening to get the best result. The smell is cool so you have nothing to worry about.

Under this section, we are going to make use of two oil: Hemp and Cannabidiol oil .

As then, the fun and easy steps on how to prepare weed for hair growth, under this paragraph, will help your problem with hair growth. Just a piece of simple advice, you need to tap your mathematic skills as it needs you to be so careful about the mixing ratio.

The mixtures and brands are various, really, yet how about the unique one or the type of mixing weed and your hair shampoo? As then, how to prepare weed for hair growth is the next line that would openly begin your scene on how it will help you. As unique or unexpected it can be but it can help you.

If you are fond of weed or perhaps owned some weed, then you can use the weed you have to help you extend the length of your hair. Consequently, this is only a process or way of how to proportionally mix your weed and your shampoo, cream, or conditioner for hair length.

Method B

There are various ways on how to mix your weed with your hair formula and the moment you do it, make sure that you are doing it properly and not in a haste manner. How can you ever achieve the best formula or mixture when you are not doing it well? Therefore, no matter if it’s method A or method B, always do it diligently.

Dating from the past up to this day, there are various mixtures and things that guarantee you to achieve the length of your choice on your hair just by using it. From the famous salesman down to a low-key seller, you would probably be easily caught once your main agenda is to keep your hair as long as it can be.

Your idea of having the best hair growth will be solved through the help of weed. Consequently, the ways on how to prepare weed for hair growth is the key to how to achieve it; doing the ways will then attain to a point of giving you your desired or wanted thing to happen.

Just do not forget the fact that while you are in the scene of preparing and mixing weed with your hair formula, make sure you remember and measure the ratio well. It’s best to be always careful than to keep on repeating an error. Now, I hope you enjoy mixing weed and your hair formula for your hair growth.