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how to store weed seeds

Store them incorrectly, however, and you run the risk of spoiling your entire growing season. Seeds can die, be damaged, or simply lose their efficacy if stored poorly.

Labelling your seeds is crucial. This will stop you from opening your containers to check them and will provide details on both strain type and date of purchase. You can write all this simply on a small paper label and place it on the container’s exterior. Dates will ensure you can plant for freshness.

3. Place seeds in containers

All great cannabis plants begin with quality seeds. Unfortunately, many growers overlook the simple fact that seeds are living organisms that need preserving to remain in tip-top condition. Store your seeds in haphazard ways, and you run the risk of affecting both quality and germination. Luckily, proper storage is easy to do as long as you know how.

Cannabis seeds are naturally pretty resilient, but they aren’t invincible. Changes in temperature, humidity and light can all have very damaging effects. More drastic environmental issues, like dampness, can even destroy your seeds completely.

The first thing you’ll need to store your seeds is a good container. You can take your pick depending on how long you’re your seeds storing for. Short-term storage, say the next day or week, is fine kept in simple containers away from the light. For longer-term stockpiling, glass sealable containers like laboratory Eppendorf tubes or opaque airtight boxes are great. Sealable Mylar bags are also effective as you can effectively vacuum the air out. If you’re utilizing transparent bottles, boxes or bags, be sure to also store these within opaque containers of some kind to keep light out too. Glass is generally more favorable over plastic options as it tends to be more air-tight.

Remember, modern fridges are very dry. It’s super important your seeds aren’t directly exposed to these conditions, as the lack of humidity can cause them to use up their nutrient stores just to stay alive.

Cannabis seeds have three main enemies:

Yes, cannabis seeds can be stored in the freezer. The lower the temperature, the slower they decline. However, it’s usually not necessary to freeze your seeds. Meet the conditions we outlined above, and you should be able to preserve your seeds for up to five years and still get a high germination rate.


Before germinating your old seeds, try soaking them in carbonated water enriched with fulvic acid, germination booster, hydrogen peroxide, or gibberellic acid. For best results, use room temperature water and soak your seeds for 12 hours in a dark place.

Ziplock bags, for example, are great because you can remove all the air from them to create an almost vacuum-sealed container for your seeds. Once vacuum-sealed, put your bag inside a dark plastic bag or dark container to protect your seeds from your fridge light.

In a last attempt to germinate your seeds, creating a small cut in the seed’s shell may help. However, this is no miracle cure, and you’ll need to be careful to avoid damaging the inside of your seed.

For short-term storage, a dark cupboard or drawer with stable temperatures is usually fine. Try to keep your seeds out of areas of your house that are susceptible to the natural temperature changes of your local environment.

When stored under perfect conditions, cannabis seeds can be viable for up to 10 years successfully. Seed storage is important for many reasons, either you’re a home grower waiting for the special occasion to grow that unique strain you just bought or seedbanks who need to stock seeds for the eventual sale.

Humidity is another incredibly important factor that can determine the success rate of your seeds as humidity is essentially what causes seeds to germinate. You don’t want them accidentally germinating, if they reach a certain humidity level they may start absorbing nutrients and end up too weak to grow normally, so you want to keep them in a relatively dry place.

2. Storing Seeds

If you’ve ever germinated cannabis seeds before, then you know that light is an important factor when it comes to the probability of the seed germinating or not. If your seeds are exposed to light for too long they may end up germinating before you’re ready to plant them.

There are three main factors that can affect seeds in a bad way:

There are various parameters you’ll need to follow in order to store seeds long-term.