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how to get your own weed strain

What strain would you choose to cross your own variety with?

The trick to select the perfect male weed plant is to have good and above all trained senses. Because it’s up to you to see which male has the best growth and the most attractive (or present) aroma.

Hollow stems on male cannabis plants may indicate high THC-production in its offspring

Fertilizing Female Weed Plants

There is one thing you definitely need if you’re planning to breed your own weed strains: male cannabis plants. Unless your plan is to make feminized cannabis seeds, which is a different story we’ll dive into another time. To recognize and distinct male from female (and hermaphrodite) weed plants, have a look here.

Be sure to keep an eye on them once they start flowering, as you’ve now produced ‘regular cannabis seeds’. This means your plants can turn both male or female when they enter the flowering stage. Providing you with what you need to further stabilize your creation into the perfect weed strain.

Simply use a paint brush to pollinate your female cannabis plant, with the collected male pollen. [Image: Gracie Malley / Cannabis Now]

Because although you can grow male cannabis plants in the same room as female cannabis plants. It’s important to separate the males before their flowers open, releasing their pollen into the room, to avoid uncontrolled fertilization.

Indeed, purchasing a new strain is more cost-effective and easier to do rather than making a new strain. There are a lot of reliable seed banks like Crop King that you can trust. There’s no doubt that you will save time, effort, and money when you buy seeds rather than grow your own strain.

Let’s take a closer look at what entails purchasing vs growing your own strains. Let’s check the pros and cons of each activity, so you can easily gauge which one is the most economical way for you.

Take note that you may need to breed parent strains several times to get the trait/characteristics you want in cannabis. Consider not just the financial costs of growing cannabis but also your invested time and effort in making new strains.

Some ways to save money when you create new strains

Purchasing A New Strain Costs

Some tips for an economic cannabis breeding project

Another thing to consider aside from the costs is the amount of time needed to be invested. Do you really have time to spare? Creating a new strain does not end with one cross. You need to study strain genetics thoroughly to ensure the survival of the outcome strain. And if you have a particular characteristic you want to come up with your new strains, it would be harder to do. You will have to ensure that the trait you want holds till the final cross. You will have to test, re-test to make sure that all the qualities have been considered.

Creating A New Strain Costs

People might talk about how a strain has a “tall” or “short” phenotype, or perhaps that some of the plants display a “pink” phenotype that grows pink buds.

Complete Dominance – Let’s say that cannabis plants can have a “red” or “white” version of a gene that controls bud color. The red version is completely dominant, and the white version is recessive. That means that (with these genes) the plant can only shows buds that are either red or white. It doesn’t “mix” them.

In fact, the environment plays a really big role in how your plants turn out.

Unlike most other strains, auto-flowering strains are not dependent on light schedules. Instead, they start growing buds and are ready to harvest in just a few months no matter what happens.

Unless you plan on creating heavily inbred plants, you generally only need to backcross once or twice to get the genetic stability needed to start developing a new strain.