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how to buy sativa

If you’re looking for a strain for insomnia, an indica may be just what you need. Cannabis indica provides stress & anxiety relief and soothes nausea and pain. Oh, and the munchies? Those come from cannabis indica too.

The majority of cannabis strains available today are really hybrids that can lean heavily in one direction or the other.

Indica Weed Strains

These ‘hybrid’ strains of cannabis selectively combine elements of both the indica and sativa species through the breeding process. Hybrids are popular options, as they maintain the most favorable aspects associated with each of their parents and are a diverse class of cannabis cultivars.

Unfortunately, these same characteristics can induce racing thoughts and feelings of paranoia in certain consumers (especially new consumers who get a bit overzealous starting out). This may be able to be mitigated with CBD, so adding a bit of raw, organic hemp flower to your bowl or joint might help ease anxiety and paranoia associated with cannabis use.

Now that you have an idea of what kind of bud you’re looking for, you’re ready to hit the dispensary! Navigating the dispensary will be significantly easier if you know how to talk with your budtender. A good budtender should ask you as many questions as you ask them. Think of your interaction with a budtender as an inquisitive conversation – just as you would discuss the menu options with your server.

Sativa plants – which are capable of reaching heights of up to 20 feet – are much taller than Indica plants. The branches of these plants tend to grow upwards and slowly spread out. Sativa buds begin at the nodes and expand along the stem’s length. These flowering bodies might be much bigger than Indica buds, but they are also less dense, so their effects are typically weaker.

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The effects of Sativa consumption are localized in the brain, whereas Indica strains produce effects for the whole body. These mental effects help you feel more motivated and focused. We generally recommend Sativa cannabis for daytime consumption because its energy-boosting capabilities can negatively affect your sleep quality at night. It’s also good to keep in mind that Sativa products with higher THC levels produce an amplified psychoactive effect, which will make you feel spacey and dreamy. While this type of Sativa is excellent for relaxing at home or for social gatherings, it might not be the best choice for precision or focus-driven tasks. For this same reason, new cannabis users should look for Sativa strains with low THC content to gauge their tolerance. Many describe the Sativa high as “euphoric.” Several studies affirm this notion, as they show that THC can boost the body’s serotonin levels – the hormone that stabilizes the mood and imparts feelings of happiness. For many people, it also enhances creativity and encourages deep conversation, making it suitable for artistic endeavors and social gatherings.

Physical Characteristics

Recreational Benefits

Sativa is a class of marijuana that many people associate with uplifting the mood and invigorating the mind. Most of the “Sativas” we see in the market today are likely hybrids, so it’s difficult to generalize their effects. However, the usual impact of Sativa-dominant strains is cerebral, which contrasts the body-highs of Indica-dominant varieties. Cannabinoid profiles and concentrations can vary widely by strain, but Sativas, in general, have higher concentrations of THC compared to their Indica cousins. As you may know, THC is the cannabinoid that causes intoxication and euphoria. Sativa strains also typically have lower concentrations of CBD than Indica strains. So, Sativa products might not be the best choice if you need relaxation, stress-relief, and pain management.

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People use Indica strains for pain relief because they generally have higher CBD concentrations. However, Sativa might be more useful for those who want to avoid the sedated high of Indica but want to medicate during the day. If you still have tasks that you need to accomplish, but you need effective pain-relief, a Sativa variant with a slightly higher CBD concentration might be up your alley. Aside from pain relief, Sativa weed flower can impart other beneficial effects like:

We get our supply from local BC growers, so we know that we are providing you with high-quality products, every time. Whether you’re a recreational or medical user or local dispensary, you’ll enjoy great rates and a seamless shopping experience.

Aside from the leaves, Sativa has been used as a source of clothing fiber, oil, food and medicine. The medicinal effects of this variant includes improving appetite, relieving pain and reducing muscle spasms. It has even seen success in diminishing the effects of neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease.

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