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how often do you water germinating weed seeds

There are various factors which will go into determining this, and we are here to look at the most important ones today.

It’s a good idea to have a mix of high quality and dense potting soil, together with a bit of pearlite and coco coir for drainage (if you need some good suggestions, then check out this article).

How Often Should I Water My Indoor Weed Plants?

Well, some plants need to be watered every single day, and some only need to be watered every 2 to 4 days. The point here is that there is no exact rule when it comes to how often you need to water your cannabis plants.

There are also other factors which can affect grow room temperature, but the point here is that the hotter it is, the more water the weed plants will need.

Generally speaking, there are 6 main factors which are going to determine how often your marijuana plants need to be watered, so let’s take a closer look at each of these factors.

These small, slender, winged insects leave irregular snail-trail-like spots on healthy leaves.

• Humidity

Seedlings are sensitive to light and will burn under strong HID or LED bulbs. Like adult plants, seedlings will develop burnt, crinkled leaves when suffering from light stress. Alternatively, seedlings that don’t get enough light will grow tall and lanky and topple over.


As the name suggests, white powdery mildew is a type of mould that forms as a white, flour-like powder on the leaves of your plants.

• Aeration

While it’s not as common as overwatering, underwatering is definitely an issue for some beginner growers (especially those that have been warned about overwatering their plants).

• Pot size

Once it germinates though, how often you should water marijuana seedlings varies according to the temperature of where the marijuana seeds are growing, but as a rule of thumb, you should water the marijuana plant once the soil is dry. An easy way to tell is if you try and lift the edge of the pot with one finger; if it feels “light” then it’s time to water, if not then leave it a few more days to evaporate and check back often to water. Usually, when you follow this technique, it helps with the formation of trichomes on your marijuana plants during the flowering phase which is equal to dank-er flowers.

After the hassle of choosing a seed and getting it to sprout then grow, another of the big questions is how often should you water marijuana seeds until they germinate. You should not water marijuana seeds once you place them to germinate in a warm moist place. If you give your marijuana seeds water very often you will drown the seedling and it won’t be able to crack out of its seed.

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Now that the Marijuana seed has germinated, how often should you water Marijuana seeds?