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Take precautions because delivery is not certain and even if it comes through the seeds wud be bad . offers high genetic ferminized seedlings and a manual to grow them for first timers at a relatively low price and delivery is 💯 guaranteed discreetly so distance is not a barrier. Been glued ordering from ,I recommend for anything cannabis related.

For me, it was an simple and convenient advantage. Since I have visited your website, you are awesome, but your customer service is not good.

Take precautions because delivery is…

I ordered $200 worth of seed. Almost 50% were male. They were supposed to be feminized seed. No way to say how annoying it is to grow some thing for several weeks only to have to chop it up and put it in the trashcan. They should get this right! I won’t be ordering from them ever again.

Purchased 2 types of seeds, Bruce banner and cheese seeds. Bruce banner seeds germinated fine but not a one of the cheez seeds. NOT ONE. Will take a loss and move on. May or may not be their fault. All I no is they sold me bad seeds. Will not again.

The seeds definitely grow and are beautiful but don’t have all their natural/original leaves.

This has been questioned by the latest research , which looks at the terpene profile of individual cultivars. The sheer numbers of hybrid strains has added to the diversity of cannabis traits. Hybrids cannabis plants can possess indica, sativa and / or ruderalis genes.

Make use of Kyle Kushman’s Beginner’s Guide. It’s a free, comprehensive run-down of the entire process from A-Z ideal for the first time or beginner marijuana growers.

Shishkaberry Feminized

If you can’t find the answers to your questions on our website, please reach out to our team on (760) 313-7455 or by using the ticket submission section in the bottom right of your screen.

We are obliged to share this caveat, too – if you do spray your flowers with colloidal silver you cannot smoke them . Do not rinse them and do not try to wash the solution off as it will not work. Be safe and put all sprayed female plants in the trash .

Optimum temperatures can vary slightly from strain to strain but most marijuana seed banks will have this information to hand. A good rule of thumb is to keep the temperature around 70°F.

Homegrown has various payment options at your disposal. These include bank transfers and counter deposits, apps like GPay and Cashapp, sending cash or a check in the mail, and even bitcoin.

If you want to browse the sight’s complete selection with the use of an exclusive coupon code, be sure to visit the link below and use the code “4SEEDSFREE”, which will get you a free 4-pack of amnesia autoflowering seeds on any order over $100.

Homegrown offers free shipping on orders over $100, while if you spend under this amount, tracked shipping starts at $10.99. The company ships daily within the United States. However, they advise each customer to check their local state laws before placing an order. Once your order is confirmed, you will receive a tracking ID via email.

Homegrown Cannabis: Shipping Policy

Homegrown specializes in high-yielding female plants but also sells regular cannabis seeds.

Homegrown specializes in high-yielding female plants but also sells regular cannabis seeds that could be male and female seeds. However, the company promises to do its best to ensure that all feminized seeds produce females, so growers don’t end up with male plants and also so the growing process is as easy as possible.

Some of the company’s best indica seeds are Northern Lights x Big Bud Autoflower, Purple Kush Autoflower, Maple Leaf Feminized, and Pure Indica Feminized.

If you’re looking for higher levels of CBD, be sure to check out the company’s line of “Extremely High CBD Seeds.” Some varieties include Carmen 2.0, CBD Harlequin, and CBD Haze. All of these contain upwards of 10% CBD content.