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“After the event last week, my son went outside and had me pitching snowballs to him. The day after, he set up the garage to be a batting practice area. Today, he asked me if I signed him up for Spring ball yet. He had been opposed until now. Todd Frazer inspired the heck out of him. Thank you so much.”

“This event has changed my daughter’s mind about baseball. She used to only like basketball but now she likes baseball thanks to this event.”


USA Baseball’s Homegrown program provides families with elementary-aged youth from across the United States with the unique opportunity to learn from current and former USA Baseball national team athletes, as well as current and former Major League Baseball players alike, in a fun and interactive community-based setting. This program will allow these hometown heroes the opportunity to share their experiences playing For Glory with the many children who may one day hope to be a part of Our Pastime’s Future.

What They’re Saying

USA Baseball Homegrown Connections is a virtual, webinar-like experience for families with elementary-aged youth to get the opportunity to meet and connect with USA Baseball alumni from their hometown or community. Students and families with elementary-aged youth will get to know these hometown heroes through a live event that they can participate in from their own homes.


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