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holland seed company

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Amsterdam Seed Supply has experience with the best marijuana seeds available. Below is a selection of some of our favourite cannabis seeds and books.

Before choosing your type, take a look at this information about Marijuana Seeds and Cannabis Seeds. Amsterdam Seed Supply has the best Feminized, Autoflowering and Medical Marijuana seeds available in Amsterdam. Each marijuana seed has their own specifications and are grown for different purposes. Please read the specifications of each seed before placing your order at Amsterdam Seed Supply and start growing.

We sell different Feminized seeds for Indoors and Outdoors. Click to see our Feminized Seeds

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This is how they’ve come to have great specialists in the creation and development of new cannabis varieties, which compete with the best in the world. Or maybe it’s the world that competes against the best in Holland?.?

Whatever it may be, we’re facing experience founded on technology, innovation and love for the development of the cannabis sector, which has so many followers worldwide.

They have proposed to isolate and stabilize the genetics of quality seeds that come from the United States and other parts of the world.

Serious Seeds

Now, regarding the question of bringing seeds from Amsterdam to Spain, it’s convenient that you know that, contrary to what most people believe, selling marijuana to certain countries is illegal in Holland.

Its consumption and planting are regulated by the state, but shipping marijuana in an airplane or other means to get it out of the country is not allowed.

Their headquarters is in Amsterdam, from where they have made very important contributions with their varieties of medical marijuana.

The seed banks in the Netherlands are among the most successful in the world, thanks to the constant study and development of new seed varieties focused on improving product quality and user sensory experience.

MENACO B.V. is offering the well established Nickerson-Zwaan brand, providing high-quality, disease resistant vegetable varieties. Our commitment to the Middle East and North African markets enables us to respond to the needs of the growers with successful products.

MENACO B.V. is a commercial vegetable seed company based in The Netherlands.

We offer products of 3 commercial brands: Nickerson-Zwaan, DP Elite Zaden and Huizer Zaden. We are committed to serving the Middle East and North Africa markets and our ambition is to become a leading company in these regions.
For more information about MENACO and our vegetable seeds, feel free to contact us.

Huizer Zaden

The Dutch Huizer Zaden brand offers vegetable varieties of the highest quality for the Middle East and North African markets. The varieties are tailor-made to meet the demands of these specific markets, providing growers a reliable opportunity to succeed.

MENACO and its brands have a wide portfolio of tomatoes, including many varieties of different shapes, fruit sizes and colors. Our varieties are suited for indoor and outdoor growing conditions all year round, as well as for different regions, seasons and climates, while maintaining the fruit quality throughout the harvest period and providing our customers with consistent performance. We offer Indeterminate (round tomato, round cluster, beef and pink tomatoes) and Determinate (round and beef). And Saladette/Roma or Plum type.

We establish a local subsidiary and empower local employees. With a highly motivated team, including local demonstrations and development, MENACO is offering growers high-quality seeds and close service.

MENACO has a long tradition of cucumber breeding. We focus on high yield, fruit quality and good resistances against diseases as well as adaptability to long growing seasons and the different climate zones and weather patterns.
We offer 4 kinds of cucumbers: short cucumber, baby cucumber, long cucumber and Asian cucumber.