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high yield weed seeds

We have put a lot of effort to create the best collection of marijuana seeds from top level breeders. In our assortment you will find proven high quality seeds with different classifications like: easy to get started with, autoflowering, fast growing, low odor, suitable for indoor and outdoor, female and regular.

In general, high yielding strains require more experience and attention. Especially when optimizing profits. With high yielding seeds, the needs of the plant needs to be understood. Not only in the beginning but also in the final phase of the process. In addition, extra time is needed to get the most out of the plant and optimize the bud sizes.

Blue Dream feminized seeds

If you are really looking for the greatest yields, then opt for high yield feminized cannabis seeds. Knowing that the seed develops female plants will always result in a better yield than choosing for regular seeds, where you have a 50% chance of getting a female strain.

Whether you are looking for a cheap strain or a unique hybrid, at the Weedseedsexpress you’ll find the best marijuana seeds in the world with the highest yielding opportunities. Check out all our high yield weed seeds below.

When you grow the seed in the right way, the maximum yield per plant can vary between 500 and 1000 gram per m2. This depends on the type of strain.

Arguably the most important thing after the quality of your cannabis is the quantity. That’s why we’ve created this collection with every high yielding cannabis strain – because when you’re growing your own stash, the more the better, right? This collection contains only high yielding weed strains with an average yield of 1100-4000g (2.4-8.8lb) per plant outdoors and up to 900g/m 2 (3oz/ft 2 ) indoors! In addition to high yields of potent, resinous buds, growers will be left with lots of sticky trim, which can be processed into concentrates or edibles.

The best cannabis seeds for high yields produce plants in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Some high yielding cannabis strains are compact and ideal for indoor growing, while others are 3m+ (10ft+) trees that can yield multiple pounds of freshly harvested flowers – these, as you might have guessed, are great high yield outdoor cannabis seeds. High-quality cannabis genetics play a large role in helping you get monster yields, but you can take this a step further by utilizing training techniques.

A High Yield Cannabis Strain: What To Expect

Our customers love these strains because they have everything you could want from a cannabis plant. Get cannabis seeds that promise an extremely high yield per plant while still performing exceptionally in other departments, to produce high-quality weed with a variety of mouthwatering flavors and a wide range of potent effects. Whatever you’re looking for in a strain, you’ll find it here – and you can bet it will be supersized!

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