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high times autoflowering seeds

We recommend checking out the official list of past Cannabis Cup winners here. You can find most of these cannabis strains available in seeds on our website. Our High Times seeds are frequently growing as we discover new breeders and add them. Most websites require a minimum amount purchase per strain while we do not. This allows our customers to diversify their options of seeds instead of being limited by minimums. Those looking for a specific type of seed such as autoflowering and feminised can find some of these options available for sale too.

Super Silver Haze – High Times Winner for the years of 1997-1999. This is one of the best Sativa strains so much that it won for three straight years first place. This strain was created by crossing Skunk, Haze, and Northern Lights together.

We wouldn’t be the best place to buy marijuana seeds online if we didn’t have cannabis cup winner strains available for sale. The High times cannabis cup is one of the most famous marijuana competitions of all time. However, there are other cannabis competitions around the world just as big and we have seeds from them too. Find top of the line cannabis strains available in our High Times seeds menu online.

Cannabis Cup Winners

Wedding Cake Seed Strain – This particular weed strain recently won best hybrid last year. This is a high THC seed we have available for sale. The THC content can reach on average between 20-25% when grown indoors.

We provide over 4,500 cannabis strain options that is available for sale. Our selection includes cannabis seeds from Oregon, Colorado, California, Amsterdam, and many more places. A large number of our customers leave reviews on strains they purchase, use this information to learn more about a particular strain. There’s also details about how long it takes for each seed to flower.

It’s our goal to make it easy to obtain the most currently sought after high times seeds to buy online. We are always watching the High Times Magazine cannabis cup winners and reaching out to the growers for seeds. There is no other 420 seed bank like ours because of our efforts that we put into networking with the best cannabis breeders. These specific cannabis cup seeds are proven strains to be great and thus the reason why many people prefer growing these for personal use. Good genetics can give you a head start on your way to growing some top of the line dank.

We actually found an old magazine which provides High Times Top Seed Banks. This book was published in 2010, so the content may now be outdated. Have no fear though because we are quite certain they would approve of our vast selection of cannabis seeds from around the globe. We have big ambitions on being the best 420 seed bank online with integrity. Don’t just take our word for it, we have a proven reputation on trustpilot for delivering only the best cannabis seeds to our customers. We offer a wide variety of the same marijuana strains that won the Cannabis Cup.

Candy Kush, a strain by Auto Seeds, is a cross between Auto Pounder, produced by the very same seed bank, and the best Californian Kush in the market. This indica dominant strain, known for its sweet flavor, has a unique caramel aroma with a hint of spice and orange peel. What is more, the plant is not only easy to develop, it also delivers high-quality yields in a relatively small period, 9 to 10 weeks. While short in height, with the tallest plants growing up to 60cm, it generates a yield of up to 400 grams/m². Candy Kush, quite potent in both THC and CBD, offers deep relaxation and a chilled bliss, ideal for those suffering from insomnia.

Sativa/Indica: Sativa/Indica Indica-dominant (70%)

Auto White Widow

Super Lemon Haze Auto comes from the crossing of a Greenhouse Seed Co’s prize-winning sativa strain with Ruderalis genetics. As the name indicates, this plant has a characteristic sweet, fresh, and lemonish flavor similar to its ‘parent’. Relatively short, this strain grows up to 1m high, yet produces yields up to 500 grams/m². Super Lemon Haze Auto is due to its sativa dominant nature, perfect for daytime activities, focusing on the mind rather than the body. It offers a cerebral, uplifting experience ideal for concentration.

Sativa/Indica: Indica autoflowering

Weeks until flowering: 8-9 weeks

Rosetta Stone XX—Brothers Grimm Seeds
Flowering time: 9-10 weeks

Founded in 2009, IC Collective represents a West Coast branch of the Chem Dog family, creating boutique strains blessed with some of the best genetics on earth. IC’s Chem Scout, a cross between the original Chem 91 and Thin Mint Cookies, earned the First Place Indica Flower award at the 2014 NorCal Cannabis Cup with a well-balanced combination of euphoric and narcotic effects. Great for treating insomnia and body pain, Chem Scout proves to be a unique indica-dominant variety that honors its roots while remaining contemporary.

Indoor Marijuana Seeds

Kush Mountains—Cannabiotix
Flowering time: 9-10 weeks

Additionally, our Cannabis seeds are always fresh and never purchased as bulk material. We only sell quality goods, assessing every seed before shipping. This is why we can guarantee that only seeds with the highest quality are delivered to our customers.

Green Crack CBD—Humboldt Seed Organization
Flowering time: 8-9 weeks