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All of the Premium Cannabis Seeds that you can buy in our online shop possess a first-class genetic disposition. Moreover, our Dutch cultivator has refined and enhanced existing breeds. The key advantage being even higher yields of highly effective Cannabis.

If you want to simplify the cultivation even more, you should opt for autoflowering Marijuana seeds. These will reach florescence independent from altering lighting cycles – which a usually a core requirement. Furthermore, these species need less cultivation time and are hence earlier ready for the harvest.

Autoflowering Seeds

The seeds were selected according to their first-class germinal performance with particularly high yields, high-level resistance, and adaptability. offers a broad range of seeds for various cultivation methods – as well as growing into plants with varying effects. Cannabis species with a high share of Indica genes, for example enhance physical and mental relaxation. This plant usually contains more Cannabidiol (CBD). Indica strands are best suited for an evening smoke due to their strong appeasing effect. They help with insomnia and reducing stress. Satvia strands on the other hand have an activating effect, as they contain more Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Mood and attentiveness increase after the Satvia consumption. Choose between the regular, feminized, and autoflowering seeds:

Regular, feminized, and auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds from the Netherlands

Jan. 31, 2014PRLog —, one of the leading online seed banks, recently announced price cut on 10 more of its recently-added feminized seeds. Some of these seeds include popular names such as Purple Power, Chrystal, Ice, Misty, Top 44 and Blue Mystic feminized seeds, with prices starting at just €18.

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Feminized seeds are the most popular type of marijuana seeds that offer great yield post harvesting. Both commercial and personal growers of cannabis seeds are always on the lookout for high quality feminized seeds at affordable prices.

Some of the popular weeds in the reduced priced items include Purple Power, Ice, Top 44, Blue Mystic, Chrystal, Misty and Top 44. The pricing of these feminized weed seedsfall in the range of €18 to €30. has an inventory of over 40 feminized marijuana seeds and the online seed supplier has earlier also reduced prices on many of its products. recently announced price cut on 10 more of its feminized marijuana seeds as a part of extended New Year celebrations.

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Popular strains include Big Bud, a potent indica developed from Northern Lights, Afghani, and Skunk #1. It grows well indoors, and it’s known for producing high yields. For outdoor growers, Holland’s Hope is a popular choice. One of the first strains developed for inhospitable outdoor conditions in the Netherlands, it’s highly adaptable and fungus-resistant.

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If it doesn’t you’ll be refunded the discounted amount.

Save on some of the highest-quality cannabis seeds available with our High Supplies coupons. All strains are sourced from the world’s leading seed banks and refined by an expert Dutch cultivator. They’re so confident in their products that they’ll replace any seeds that don’t sprout—free of charge.

If it doesn’t you’ll be refunded the discounted amount.