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herbies single seeds

They supply cannabis seeds both in the US and worldwide. All global orders are guaranteed to be delivered, and if not, resend them yourself, even adding random things like pens and flashlights to their orders to keep them discreet and easy. You can pay them with Bitcoin, Credit Card Visa, or Mastercard.

ILoveGrowingMarijuana (or ILGM for short) is one of the most popular best online seed banks for several reasons. ILGM offers incredible customer service, a wide variety of seeds to choose from, excellent sales and discounts, and an extensive collection of free growing resources for the brand new and professional grower online.

Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds?

Q: What seed bank has the best genetics?

The costs for Gorilla seeds are excellent, even without taking into account the free seeds you get as part of each order and the free delivery they offer. They sell high quality and most popular seeds at costs that are up to 30% lower than that of authentic growers. Pay them with bitcoin, debit or credit, cash or wire transfers, and you’ll be ready to have your marijuana seeds right at home.

Overall, all of the online seed banks from a standard that lists delivery to the United States in this post, and all of them are good at the quality of seed and germination success ratios. If you love a few other seed banks from this list, then worry-free and order the seeds today.

Got 4 seeds two got out.
After transfer to soil one got out.
Soo got one plant.
Got extra seeds so did well.
2 plants then now.
One hermed on me could be my foult but.
Send them picture of seeds lokked week.
Got it from theme they good but.
Soo not happy.

Made my first order with them back in 2015 and Ive been a customer ever since,
Made a mistake in my order, emailed them with the changes there was £1.38 change left, I told them to keep it or if they felt generous to add me and extra seed of one freebie they were giving, which they did.

I was very impressed with their customer service.
Besides tracking, I rec’d an email from them confirming my order had arrived. And then another follow up email out of the blue two weeks later asking if I was happy with my order. And if there was any issues they’d make it right.

guest United Kingdom, October 2017

I was really impressed with Herbies they delivered quality seeds and I changed my order but they didnt change it then they shipped both orders for free. Thanks Herbies

It all went really well.

Third time using this company. Good selection and prices. Fast shipping. I can recommend without hesitation.

Herbies sells for many breeders so if a breeder has a bad batch of seeds has not much to do with Herbies but i reached out to them when all 6 of my Apothecary Lemon OG seeds never popped. 2 did but were malformed as in the very first leaves never grew apart and stayed in the shape of the seed and died after 2 weeks of prayers lol. Herbies is the best! for one time only they sent a replacement at full cost to them. This is how you get return customers. Should have went with DNA but I wanted regular for seed making so had to grab Apothecary lemon OG.

MSNL seed bank has quite a long history. Established since 1999 in the Netherlands, this online seed bank has very good experience and knowledge about cannabis. And they also train their staff well enough that they can be a good companion for growers, especially beginners.

This online seed bank owns a diverse and quality seed collection. Whether you are a beginner grower, a highly technical grower, or a grower looking for high yielding strains, you can find something for you at Crop King Seeds.

#5 MSNL Seed Bank – Best Seed Bank For Free Seeds

MSNL is a popular online seed bank not only in Europe but also in North America. Many American growers have placed their trust in MSNL seed bank and have achieved remarkable crops.

This seed bank also runs a lot of promotions and discounts as a warm-up to the cannabis community’s need to buy seeds. Attitude Seed Bank’s seed price is also cheap, but with the application of these discounts, it is an attractive choice.

The germination rate of seeds from MJ Seeds Canada is also not something you need to worry about. This seed bank has decades of experience in the cannabis industry so they know how to select and store seeds with the highest germination rate.