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herbies seeds closed

Amazing service NDD Love it!

Im outdoors, so this screwed up a lot of allotment space and wasted a lot of my time, effort and money. I find that Herbies usually has good customer service, but in this case, after e-mailing my complaint, their only offer for compensation was 15 free unspecified feminized seeds from their promotional stock, not a full replacement of the actual strain in question.

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guest United States, May 2017

VERY EXPENSIVE! Better/cheaper places to buy

Made my first order with them back in 2015 and Ive been a customer ever since,
Made a mistake in my order, emailed them with the changes there was £1.38 change left, I told them to keep it or if they felt generous to add me and extra seed of one freebie they were giving, which they did.

Herbies sells for many breeders so if a breeder has a bad batch of seeds has not much to do with Herbies but i reached out to them when all 6 of my Apothecary Lemon OG seeds never popped. 2 did but were malformed as in the very first leaves never grew apart and stayed in the shape of the seed and died after 2 weeks of prayers lol. Herbies is the best! for one time only they sent a replacement at full cost to them. This is how you get return customers. Should have went with DNA but I wanted regular for seed making so had to grab Apothecary lemon OG.

It all went really well.

Thank you for the feedback, we appreciate it a lot. Your order was placed at the beginning of August and the average delivery time to Indonesia is up to 25-30 days, so please do not worry, the package is on the way to you and should arrive soon. Please contact us via [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns, we would be happy to help

Thank you for the review. It is important to know our assistance makes you feel confident and keep calm during delivery, indeed we're ready to help with all questions. It is always a pleasure to get the order on time and we're glad to meet your expectations at that point. We're awaiting to see you at Herbies again and wish you all the best

Ok so we had a great experience with Herbies we did hav trouble getting first order but Herbies we very awesome too deal with and made sure too resend too me and with had more luck second time am very happy and customer service was very satisfactory thanks again guys look forward too dealing with guys in tha future

The customer service can't be beat!

Thank you for the feedback. It is very encouraging for us to know you're pleased with our customer service and how the issue was handled. We're looking forward to see you at Herbies again one day

You wont find better than Herbies Seeds.

Best place to order from. I have ordered from several other vendors and for the speed, money, quality, and customer service they are definitely the way to go. They are on point and they care about their customers.

Planted purple lemonade auto 3 days ago, already breaking the surface.

Of the nine new strains from Herbies’ seedbank, six are photoperiod cannabis strains. These strains are feminized to ensure that seedlings grow to be bud-producing female plants:

LOS ANGELES, July 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, Herbies Seeds is pleased to announce the launch of its own seedbank. Herbies Seeds, also known as Herbies or Herbies Head Shop, is a successful cannabis seeds distributor operating worldwide. In business since the early 2000s, Herbies has completed more than 800,000 orders from an inventory of over 2,000 cannabis strains. With decades of experience, as well as connections to some of the most experienced growers in Spain, Herbies Seeds is branching out into cannabis breeding and seed production. Thus, Herbies is also pleased to announce the release of nine new Herbies-branded cannabis strains.

All of Herbies’ cannabis seeds are presented in sustainable packaging intended for reuse or recycling. Herbies’ decision to start its own seedbank was motivated by a desire to provide growers with excellent genetics at a competitive price. Herbies Seeds is dedicated to providing a wide collection of quality cannabis seeds to over 160,000 website visitors each month.

In addition, Herbies is pleased to offer three autoflowering cannabis strains, which are easy and fast to grow without any compromise on potency:

Herbies has been working closely with notable Spanish breeders to create an exclusive line of cannabis seeds, which is characterized by stable, fool-proof genetics optimized for growers of all skill levels. Included in this release are feminized and autoflowering strains curated to be the perfect combination of potency, favorable effects, and relative ease of growth.

About Herbies Seeds: Herbies Seeds has been an active part of the cannabis seed reselling industry since its inception in the United Kingdom in the early 2000s. The company relocated to Alicante, Spain in July 2019. Since its relocation, Herbies has expanded into blogging about all things cannabis cultivation, culture, and consumption. Already a household name supplier of cannabis seeds from over 120 seedbanks worldwide, Herbies will continue to be a trailblazer in the cannabis community with this exciting new venture into self-produced seeds.