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herbies seed bank review

One more order if good stay if not bay lads.

Just a great seed vendor. Big Up.

Herbies Head Shop is listed as "green" at the SeedFinder. This means we absolutely can recommend this seedbank. Btw. This shop is connected with the SeedFinder, you can find prices and offers for 2974 strains at our pages!

guest United Kingdom, August 2017

Third time using this company. Good selection and prices. Fast shipping. I can recommend without hesitation.

Made my first order with them back in 2015 and Ive been a customer ever since,
Made a mistake in my order, emailed them with the changes there was £1.38 change left, I told them to keep it or if they felt generous to add me and extra seed of one freebie they were giving, which they did.

Purple Caper Seeds, Good Quality Fast Service!

Great service from this shop! A+

In regions of Europe, for example, customers will receive their orders within 5 days of successful payment. That time will be up to about 8 days for orders shipped to USA (need signature of the receiver).

We can say, the delivery time of this seeds shop is pretty quick. For local customers, your order will be delivered within 24 hours after your order is created and paid for successfully.

They accept payment in Bitcoin and they also do not charge any fees for this form of payment. It is also a secure and completely anonymous payment method.

Some famous cannabis strains of Herbies Seeds (Must try)

This seed bank also has active customer service and an impressive website. But their seed prices are quite high. However, you can still apply discount codes with many other promotions.

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They sell a full range of the most popular strains available today. From Sativa, Indica to any Hybrid strain you can find at this website. These strains have the characteristics of rapidly flowering, giving large yields and strong vitality.

Besides, you will get free seeds for your bill. Free seeds and gifts will depend on your budget bill.

Plants will produce dense and long buds however you should be careful because they grow quite dense.

Order #734901 problem
Herbies Head Shop
to me
4 days ago

After many sucessful transactions with Herbies Seed Bank I have just been robbed completely of $145. I received a single sentenced email reading:

BTW. Not happy with Loompa Farms right now. Fucking everything "we" got from them. Did ball dropping herming! Just a heads up kiddies.


Those seeds are so cheap for them
They don’t need to steal.

There are SOO many US based banks that carry far better strains then the big boys of oversea’s fame..

These guys are pretty crafty setting up this business and biding their time to get that couple bucks.

Ill tell ya,
I have the same distrust of the occupations that carry stigma.
Lawyers, mechanics, painters, phone sales, doctors, plumbers, bankers, teachers, people who sell 5$ coffees
Those cashiers n wait staff that are stealing my debit card info,